As my long-time readers know, I am against the concept of public employee unions as they are an evil influence on everything they touch …

  1. Public Employee Unions reward seniority over merit.
  2. Public Employee Unions are about keeping the status quo and rejecting innovation.
  3. Public Employee Unions are about keeping wages and benefits artificially high for a “protected class” of workers while ignoring the actual labor marketplace.
  4. Public Employee Unions corrupt politics as they threaten politicians to pass laws and administrative rules or else.
  5. Public Employee Unions are about pushing citizens, consumers, and taxpayers away from the bargaining table so they can bargain with there chosen representatives in government.
  6. Public Employee Unions prevent discipline for egregiously bad acts.
  7. Public Employee Unions demand work rules to divide one-person jobs into multiple jobs to increase the number of employees.
  8. Public Employee Unions are themselves thuggish and corrupt; often holding a gun to the head of working Americans with their nonsense.
  9. There is no compelling reason for Public Employee Unions in government as grievances can be handled by civil service or other mechanisms.
  10. Public Employee Unions are bankrupting our municipalities, counties, states, and the federal government.
  11. Unions are attempting to subvert elections and force the public into accepting the democrats as the permanent ruling (not governing) party. Especially the corrupt SEIU (Service Employees International Union) and their sister organization, the disgraced ACORN.
  12. Public Employee Unions are the face of international socialism – the same type that is killing economies and countries all across the globe.
  13. Public Employee Unions openly condone illegal behavior, supporting illegal aliens over their own membership.

So why am I not surprised when the progressives try to defend screwing over the public …

7 Key Things You Need to Know About the BART Strike in California  - News and social media are awash in misunderstanding and disinfo about the strike. Here are the facts that matter.

On Monday, 2,400 workers put a halt on the San Francisco Bay Area’s main public transit system to strike for fair wages and better working conditions. These Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) workers, members of Service Employees International Union Local 1021 and Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1555, were out picketing and rallying after their contracts expired Sunday night and negotiations were not reached. The last time BART workers went on strike was in 1997.

As misinformation and distortion has spread around the strike, here are the key facts:

1. The strike was a last resort as negotiations failed.

2. The money is there.

3. BART workers are not greedy.

4. Worker safety is also a huge part of negotiations.

5. More than just a BART strike.

6. Everyone’s wrongly complaining about their commute.

So, the 400,000 people who ride BART each weekday had to find an alternative route to work. The Bay Bridge was like a “parking lot,” buses were swamped and the lines for other public transit were long. We get it. That’s what happens when a major public transportation system — the fifth busiest rapid transit system in the country — shuts down.

But instead of focusing on why there’s a BART strike and what’s at stake for the workers, some people on Twitter took to complaining about their extra long commute. Even worse, the media too focused heavily on  the lengthy commute today and providing alternative routes instead of on the important stuff. … Typical.

7. Silicon Valley capitalizes on the strike.

But perhaps even more insensitive than Bay Area residents and media outlets are the techies in Silicon Valley, who are exploring ways to profit off of the BART strike. One company is even promoting helicopter rides from between San Francisco and the East Bay. Read the full union line at 7 Key Things You Need to Know About the BART Strike in California | Alternet

Bottom line …

The simple fact is that when the public employee unions do not manage to subvert the political process with corrupt legislators, they put a gun to the head of consumers to force the politicians to accept their demands.

Just how many ordinary workers will be able to afford helicopter rides to work? What nonsense.

And, if there is substantial funds in the coffers, pay off the public bonds that are used to finance transit projects rather than milking greater and greater sums from the taxpaying public and the transit system’s riders.

It is time to abolish public employee unions, especially the teachers unions that have proven themselves to be an impediment to educating children. But, let us start by firing legislators who are bought and paid for by union dollars or those who are corrupt enough to offer deals favorable to the unions in return for campaign contributions and voter support. In fact, let us toss out all of the progressives in public office – the very same people who have decimated our formerly golden state with their nonsense.

-- steve

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