Climate change could slash snowfall in Southern California mountains?

You have heard of "Environmental Justice" -- here comes another scummy scam from the progressives -- "Environmental Racism"

If you had any doubts that the socialists and communists infiltrated the environmental movement, you now have another piece of evidence. Again, the environmental movement is trying to enlarge the scope of their mandate by defining a new word: “environmental racism.”  Whereas, environmental justice considers the disparate effects of climate on the poor, the minorities, and the disadvantaged; environmental racism is when an environmentally sensitive project is built in a mostly minority community. The theory is that this community will be unfairly affected by the pollution of “their” land, air, and water – and thus suffer a higher rate of environmentally-triggered disease.

But, I must stand up and yell “Bullshit!”

Aren’t these same environmentalists touting cap-and-trade as a wealth re-distribution scheme; taking money from the industrialized nations and providing it to lesser developed nations and peoples? Aren’t these the same people who are frauds – allowing gross polluters to continuing polluting local land, air, and water if – and only if – the polluter purchases government-sanctioned indulgences created and managed by the Wall Street Wizards. Thus, the local people are still dying and developing respiratory diseases while the fix is in and someone purchased a certificate that a certain number of trees were planted in lower crapistan. A scam that is nothing more than socialist wealth re-distribution based on corrupt environmental principles/

Bottom line …

If you hear the term “environmental racism,” please feel free to make them prove their point before calling bullshit.

-- steve 

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