I am bewildered …

How is it that George Bush was excoriated for the failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq when Saddam Hussein clearly maintained and used a stockpile of chemical weapons on the Kurds … and yet President Barack Obama has declared similar weapons in Syria to be a cause for arming those wishing to overthrow the Assad regime?

How is it that John McCain and Lindsey Graham are joining with President Barack Obama in demanding that the Americans intervene in the Syrian conflict and yet make no such formal demands of the United Nations whose charter specifically calls for the prevention of genocidal activities?

How is it that nobody is calling out Saudi Arabia for financing and fomenting the Syrian civil war for their own purposes? One, to replace the Alawite/Shia regime with a Sunni regime – mostly composed of strict fundamentalists (Whabbists) and al Qaeda-type jihadists? And two, to draw Americans into directly confronting Iran lest it go nuclear and place Saudi Arabia in danger.

Why is nobody blaming President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for not offering humanitarian food support for those who were starving in Syria after massive crop failures due to drought? Remember the Syrian uprising was started by food shortages. Where was our lying Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, in attempting to convince the wealthy Arab neighbors of Syria to send food assistance or fund a relief effort?

Where is the Clinton Global Initiative, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Commission, and all of those other so-called “forums” and “think tanks” on this issue? If I can see a clear and present danger, why can’t they? Or are they too damn busy choosing up sides and profiting from the conflict – the dishonest politicians and special interest power brokers they are?

Who is going to accept the responsibility for the genocide that is about to occur if the Saudi-financed jihadists take over the nation and start summarily executing Christians and other non-believers, and especially the Alawites who are considered apostates? Assad and his core group, if they are not killed, are likely to form their own territory and maintain enough weaponry to protect themselves.

Where is America’s national interest in intervening in a Muslim civil war that has no good outcomes? Not democracy – because given the freedom to vote, the Muslims vote for Sharia law and a theocracy. Not energy – Syria does export anything we want or need. Not safety and security – because no matter who wins, America loses in the eyes of the Muslims. Friendship with Saudi Arabia – I believe they were the unindicted co-conspirators in the original 9/11 attack and if it wasn’t for their energy reserves, they would have been the target of the first punitive strike as we located those who may have financed terrorist activities and brought them to justice. Friendship with the Islamic world – they already hate America and regard President Obama as a weak fool.

So what happened in Benghazi and why are we getting in deeper?

Bottom line …

The leadership of the United States, including both political parties, as corrupt and incompetent as it may be, owes the American people an explanation of America’s national interest in a Muslim civil war that will breed anti-America terrorists no matter which side ultimately wins the conflict.

-- steve

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