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RINO Lindsey Graham predicts Jeb Bush could win the White House if Immigration Reform passes -- but what America will he be governing?

Are the Republicans so corrupt and stupid to allow a RINO (Republican In Name Only) like Lindsey Graham to convince the American public to sell out their nation to illegal aliens in return for the possibility of having Jeb Bush as the President of the United States?

  1. We do not know how many illegal aliens are actually in this country.
  2. We do not know the impact of an unknown number of illegal aliens on our financial and social infrastructure.
  3. We do not know that these newly sworn Americans are ready to assimilate or swear allegiance to the United States.
  4. We do not know that the border will ever be secured once the floodgates are opened.
  5. We know the democrats will benefit and the republicans will be disadvantaged.

So what the hell is Lindsey Graham selling … except his country’s sovereignty …

Graham predicts 'breakthrough' passage of immigration bill with over '70 votes'

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on Sunday predicted overwhelming congressional passage of an immigration reform bill. “I think we are going to have a political breakthrough, that Congress is going to pass immigration reform,” Graham said on NBC's Meet the Press.

He said the Senate will give the reform bill — which currently has a path to citizenship for the nation's 11 million illegal immigrants — overwhelming support. “I think we are going to get plus 70 votes,” he said. “I've never been more optimistic about it.”

Graham said passing the bill is a political necessity for the GOP. “If we don't pass immigration reform, if we don't get it off the table in a reasonable, practical way, it doesn't matter who we run in 2016,” he said. “We're in a demographic death spiral as a party.

The only way we can get back in the good graces of the Hispanic community, in my view is pass comprehensive immigration reform.”

Graham said a candidate like former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush could win the White House in 2016 if Republicans back immigration reform. Source: Graham predicts 'breakthrough' passage of immigration bill with over '70 votes' - The Hill's Video

Bottom line …

  1. The illegal aliens are more likely to vote for the democrats pushing amnesty than republicans.
  2. What happens if there are more than 11 million illegal aliens and our social network designed and paid for by citizens is totally compromised?
  3. Why the hell do the republicans, democrats or any other political party need to get in the good graces of illegal aliens?
  4. What are we telling the Black community who has lost jobs and social benefits to illegals.
  5. And, who the hell wants another crony capitalist with liberal self-serving connections like Jeb Bush as our President?

Lindsey Graham and his BFF John McCain are aisle-hopping traitors who are enabling the democrats to achieve their socialist agenda, perhaps a little more slowly; but eventually winning. So why should anyone listen to Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Karl Rove, Jeb Bush, and Marco Rubio. All willing to say or do anything to gain or maintain power.

-- steve

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