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It is hard to read, see, or hear the nonsensical words of a corrupt, incompetent President like Barack Obama without realizing that the man is either stupid or willing to lie to the American people with impunity and no fear of the consequences.

Here, in his own words, Obama explains that he is taking sides against extremists – even though both sides of the Syrian civil war are extremists, and when they are not fighting each other, they are fighting the United States and Israel.

Watch how Obama usurps the sworn duty of the United Nations and places the burden on America’s back. Where American blood and treasure, once again, are squandered in the Middle East while fighting for some indefinable national interest.

And, watch how Obama ursurps the sole power of Congress to make war and gets us into another undeclared "conflict."

Obama, in his own words … 

Charlie Rose - June 17, 2013 - Guests: Barack Obama, Colum McCann

CHARLIE ROSE:  Let me turn to Syria.  Define the new policy that you are articulating with respect to Syria and why now? 

BARACK OBAMA:  I’m not sure you can characterize this as a new policy. This is consistent with the policy that I’ve had throughout.  Remember how  this evolved.  The President of Syria, Assad, was presented with peaceful protestors in the wake of the Arab Spring.  He responded with violence and suppression and that has continued to escalate. 

And the United States has humanitarian interests in the region, we’ve seen at least 100,000 people slaughtered inside of Syria, many of them women, children, innocent civilians.  And the United States always has an interest in preventing that kind of bloodshed when possible.

<This is the purview of: first, the Islamic community; and second, the United Nations whose Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 9 December 1948 as General Assembly Resolution 260.>

We have a regional interest because we now have, for example, more than 500,000 Syrian refugees in neighboring Jordan.  Jordan is a strong ally of ours.  We do not want to see Jordan destabilized as a consequence of what’s happening in Syria.  We’re also seeing Iraq affected, Lebanon obviously affected.  So we have regional interests.

<Why is the United States responsible for mitigating the effects of Syrian refugees when this is clearly an Islamic issue and the oil-rich states whose duty is to provide for their lesser people under the tenets of Islam?>

And finally we’ve got a direct interest when it comes to chemical weapons.  We’ve got a strong taboo that’s been established in the international community against using weapons of mass destruction, including chemical weapons.  And what developed over several months was high confidence that the Assad regime had used chemical weapons.  And I had been very clear that if we saw the use of chemical weapons taking place by the regime inside of Syria that that would change my calculus.  And it has. 

<Does anyone remember that George Bush was excoriated because no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq; even though Saddam Hussein did  provably kill 5,000 Kurds with chemical weapons. Again it is not our job to police the world. Where is the United Nations?>

Now, in terms of what my goals are.  The goals are a stable non-sectarian representative Syrian government that is addressing the needs of its people through political processes and peaceful processes.  We’re not taking sides in a religious war between Shia and Sunni.  Really what we’re trying to do is take sides against extremists of all sorts and in favor of people who are in favor of moderation, tolerance, representative government and over the long term stability and prosperity for the people of Syria. 

<President Obama is, once again, lying to the American public. One, there will never be a stable non-sectarian government when it comes to the internal conflict between the majority Sunnis and the minority Shia. We are taking sides – siding with the Sunnis against the minority Alawites. By definition, the participants in any civil war is a war of extremists. There are no moderates when you are forced to choose sides. Moderation and tolerance are not even words familiar to those observing Islam.>
And so my goal -- we’ve been supporting an opposition.  We’ve been trying to help the opposition along with our international partners help the opposition become more cohesive.  We’ve been assisting not only the political opposition but also the military opposition so that there is a counterweight that can potentially lead to political negotiations with the evidence of chemical weapons.  What we’ve said is we’re going to ramp up that assistance.  And my hope continues to be, however, that we resolve this through some sort of political transition.

<Has anyone noticed that Assad leads a minority party and tolerated other minorities like the Christians. It was the opposition, the al Qaeda-like jihadists, who are the extremists who are demanding an Islamic state ruled by Sharia law – with little or no tolerance for diversity of thought or religion.>

But what’s been clear is that Assad at this point -- in part because of his support from Iran and from Russia believes that he does not have to engage in a political transition; believes that he can continue to simply violently suppress over half of the population.  And as long as he’s got that mind-set it’s going to be very difficult to resolve the situation there.

<Who is the United States to interfere in a civil war, take sides where both sides are extremists pushing their own ideology. This is clearly a job for the Islamic states and the United Nations. These Islamic states appear to be big on criminalizing “hate speech” against Islam, but refuse to deal with their own conflicts – in essence, hiring America as a mercenary power.>

Bottom line …

How the hell can we believe that Obama is now going to declare war on Hezbollah as a terrorist organization because they are supported by Iran and that we are entering Syria on the side of the good guys, where there are no terrorists? To believe that extremists are only found on one side in Syria is crazy … but then again Obama, Kerry, and Clinton have no problems lying to the relatively uninformed American people.

Friends of Syria???

The regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is being kept in power with ongoing help from Iran and its proxy militia in Lebanon, Hezbollah, the US secretary of state John Kerry warned on Saturday 22 June.

Kerry told a conference of the so-called "Friends of Syria" group in Doha, Qatar, that military support from Iran and Hezbollah was escalating the conflict. "The continued bloodshed at the hands of the Assad regime and the increasing involvement of Iran and its proxy Hezbollah threaten the very prospects of a political settlement and of peace," said Kerry.

"The regime's use of chemical weapons crossed President Obama's and other nations' red lines. And we also condemn - all of us - any atrocity or any excess by any extremists or by any oppositionist group that might engage them." <Source>

Follow the money: the campaign contributions, and the special interests who need to keep their tap into America’s treasury alive now that Iraq and Afghanistan are winding down. Truth be told, we will still be involved – replacing our military with so-called civilian contractors, in truth, highly-paid mercenaries who operate with their own rules of engagement.

Follow the political need for a diversion: so President Obama and his fellow travelers are not held accountable for their potentially criminal acts in various scandals. Notably gun running to the Mexican drug cartels in Fast and Furious, the IRS targeting of conservatives who tried to raise money for the republicans and thus subverting a national election, the NSA spying scandal that may have a political component as far as an internal turf war between the CIA on one side and the NSA and FBI on the other (brought down Petraeus as head of the CIA), and the gun-running to al Qaeda terrorists in Syria (something he appears to be trying to legitimize.)

It is time to clean the Washington cesspool in 2014 – removing democrats who have damaged our nation and who threaten to repeat and extend the damage in 2016 with Hillary Clinton. Not that a Jeb Bush presidency would be welcomed by me.

We are screwed if we do not take some form of action and separate the corrupt politicians from their funding and media sources. And, if you believe that any Islamic civil war has moderates, you are as crazy as Obama and his fellow travelers.

-- steve 

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