Those who came before us fought, struggled and died to establish and preserve our country and our way of life. And it appears that this ideal has been compromised by corrupt politicians and institutions who are using their respective powers to further corrupt America to pursue their own self-interests. 

While we may have come from different races, nations and backgrounds – some involuntarily – there was but one goal, to assimilate and become Americans. To contribute to the whole and thus enriching ourselves, our economy and our unique American culture.

We stood together, united in purpose and cause, to keep American and her citizens safe and able to enjoy the freedoms granted by our creator and acknowledged in our magnificent Constitution.

It disgusts me that somewhere on this 4th of July, President Barack Obama will be giving a speech or offering us his remarks.

Because …

Where he promised hope and change – to become a post-partisan uniter rather than a divider – impartial observation will tell you he lied. He has consistently played the “race card” and promoted class warfare with his so-called “progressive” policies. The fact is that he and his fellow travelers have increased racial tension to an extent never before seen.

He has used the word “equality” to mask the fact that he is plundering the combined treasure of this nation’s citizens to give to those who are undeserving, to those qualify as “special interests” and, in some cases, to our enemies.

He has turned his back on the only democracy in the Middle East – to embrace despotic regimes and a culture which desires to eradicate by force anything and anyone who does not embrace their cause. Demanding a small country sacrifice its safety and security to the overwhelming forces of evil that surround it. Yes, evil! Because you cannot justify using innocent children as human bombs. You cannot hide among women and children when waging war – and then bemoan the collateral damage as a publicity stunt.

Domestically, we find Obama and his fellow travelers pandering to illegal aliens for political advantage. Something that is being done without a reliable estimate of the number of illegal aliens, strenthening the border, rebuilding our visa systems, or performing the necessary financial, social, and cultural environmental impact studies. All the progressives see is more progressive voters and an enlarged government to serve their social needs.

Some might say that Obama's refusal to uphold, preserve, and protect the Constitution of the United States should be grounds for impeachment, trial, and conviction. Using Obama's own signed executive orders as the proof positive of his perfidy.

How does this man have the temerity to openly lie to the American public – even knowing that ethically-compromised mainstream media will excuse such lies with euphemisms such as “he’s in campaign mode?” 

When does it all reach critical mass? Benghazi, which may be about illegal weapons trafficking to al Qaeda terrorists. Fast and Furious, which may be about illegal weapons trafficking to foreign drug cartels. The IRS scandal which may be about subverting the flow of funding to the political opposition and thus subverting the vote in America; possibly to an extent greater than the almost mythical disenfranchisement of minorities. And, then there is the spying on Americans and clear violations of the Constitution's 4th and 5th Amendments. 

Where the hell are the leaders in the conservative party. We are being told that Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and other RINOs are conservatives -- don't watch their media soundbites, watch what they really do and you will see a minor slowdown of the progressive agenda as we barrel full tilt boogey towards international socialism. True conservatives – men like Ronald Reagan, John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart, men who were willing to stand up to bullies and call a spade a spade, are denigrated as the old white boys club Perhaps it has never been truer that modern man has been feminized by overwhelmingly liberal feminist teachers who see playing dodge-ball in the schoolyard as the moral equivalent of playing with a loaded gun?

Obama is a man who wants to deny you the right to self-protection; to protect yourselves from entitlement-raised thugs and illegal alien gangs while they roam free in our land – free from the police asking any questions about their origin or reason for being in a place where they seem “out of place.”

Bush43  is no longer around, but Obama continues to blame him for all of the ills of the nation. And where he can't blame Bush, he  targets someone else. Pretending he is above it all and shocked that something bad has happened. Promising to investigate and fix the problem. What the hell is he talking about. It all happened on his watch and he is the man in charge. The President who is supposed to know what is happening, generally speaking, in his government. The man that needs to take decisive action.

But he does none of that. He uses each crisis to implement outrageous laws and loot our national treasury on behalf of his toxic political ideology and the special interests who keep him in power.

His appointees for high office were demonstrably corrupt, incompetent or pursuing a toxic socialist or gay ideology. Seemingly appointments designed to weaken the United States in order to implement a permanent ruling elite – a socialist/communist elite –- the natural enemies of free enterprise and freedom.

Here is a man who destroyed one of the most modern and productive healthcare systems in history that served approximately 85% of the population – under the guise of extending benefits to an additional 12% – consisting of mostly illegal aliens. Stupidly overlooking the obvious fact that he was adding millions of additional people to the system without a corresponding increase in physicians, medical facilities, diagnostic devices and other medical needs. 

Allowing predatory insurance companies to act as gatekeepers with the incentive to deny needed care to cut costs and  increase their executive bonuses. Placing ill-trained clerks between the patient and their physician in the decision-making process. Building a system of scarcity that ensures patients will meet with denials, delays and even, in some cases, death.

Allowing corrupt and inefficient unions to inflict financial and performance damage to our local, state and federal government with their guaranteed jobs, outrageous salaries, benefits and retirement packages. Not to mention onerous work rules which reward seniority over merit and never hold people accountable for their poor performance. Denying individualism and freedom over the need to serve the “collective.” Insuring that mediocrity and adherence to the declining norm is the goal of the day.

Our country is being rapidly destroyed by the “don’t do as I do- do as I say” progressives – people of alleged good intentions who are striving to shove their idea of “equality” down your throat while assuring you it is for the good of the collective society and planet.

So on this special day, I am standing up and pointing the finger of shame and blame squarely at President Obama and his fellow travelers; including all of the progressive democrats who have allowed their cities and states to decay while they diverted funds from repairing and replacing critical infrastructure to social problems that provide entitlements for their supporters.

So why do I even bother to celebrate today?

Because I know that our magnificent, exceptional country will survive and that we have another chance in 2014 to remove most of the progressive members of congress from political office – and at the same time targeting the progressives in local and state government. The very people who have mismanaged our communities and have divided our people in order to gain political power.

Because I know this is America and we can survive the failed experiment that is Barack Obama.

And on this special day, let us take a moment and reflect on the troops that are stationed abroad, keeping us safe by engaging our foreign enemies. Let us also pledge ourselves to protect our Constitution and Nation by engaging our domestic enemies while we still have the opportunity.

Bottom line ...

My fellow Americans,

Never before, in the history of the United States, have we faced such a crisis of confidence in our government, be it at the local, state or federal level.

The majority of our legislators, mostly lawyers and professional politicians, have violated their oath of office and sold out America to the special interests in return for access to power or the proverbial thirty pieces of silver. Crookedness and complacency are now the rule rather than the exception.

Whether backing a toxic political ideology spawned by the enemies of America, both foreign and domestic, or simply capitalizing on their public office for personal profit – we have representatives that no longer represent “We the People.”

It doesn’t even matter which political party you support – both sides of the aisle have been corrupted by money and power. Both will support candidates who will do or say anything to get elected – and then pay off their supporters; no matter how despicable or odious their beliefs. 

Our legislators pay lip-service tribute to our military which is actively in harm’s way – while decimating the funding for military support and equipment. They honor our dead while simultaneously holding them up as being engaged in an illegal war – as if our brave soldiers chose to die for some political pipe dream.

Our current political model is unsustainable. They are frog-marching American citizens down the road allegedly paved with good intentions – the road to hell. These are the people who embrace an Orwellian world, where evil is good, wrong is right and America is just another player on the world stage.

Recognize that the political forces have divided us along lines of class, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, location and a multiplicy of other characteristics -- to divide rather than unite. To rule through a coalition gained by promising the biggest voter blocks access to power, funding and other legislative benefits. This is not America or the American way. We are a single people, with a single self-serving and humanitarian purpose -- not segments of society to be manipulated by those who seek political power.

We must, out of necessity, take action. Denying financial support for both parties and eliminating those who have sold their country down the drain from office.

Therefore, on this Fourth of July, I beg of you – consider the consequences of your next vote in 2014. The consequences of blindly supporting that “celebrity” candidate or voting on a single-issue cause. Of making political decisions based on a “them or us” basis as you would support a sports team.

Remember our representatives are supposed to represent us all, not sell us out for access to power and personal profit.

Do the right thing …

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May our troops be safe and may they return to an America in which politicians honor their oath of office as representatives of the legal citizens of the United States.

Be well, be safe and take care of yourself and your family first.

-- steve

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