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For those who have watched Eric Holder’s career, one things sticks out – he appears to have done yeoman’s service to the democrats, and particularly the Clinton Administration, when it came to controversial fund-raising like the selling of a Clinton pardon for the disgraced tax evader Marc Rich who continued to engage in the sale of embargoed oil, or cleaning up the aftermath of Janet Reno as she courted scandal after scandal; from Waco, Ruby Ridge, and the Oklahoma City Bombing.

So who will be President Obama’s new fixer if Obama is forced to throw Holder under the bus? Reportedly, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick. Others mentioned include Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), Homeland Security Secretary Janet A. Napolitano (D), and Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan (D). One could easily see Janet Napolitano leaving the Department of Homeland Security, where she has been an ineffective leader, and assuming the position of Chief Protector of the President and Administration. 

What if …

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Attorney General Eric Holder Oprah’s alleged boyfriend non-lawyer Steadman Graham

Perhaps having a non-lawyer for United States Attorney General might be a nice change of pace, considering how lawyers have come close to destroying our nation with their procedural nonsense and evasive tactics?

Bottom line …

Perhaps the only thing that stands between Barack Obama  and Hillary Clinton is Eric Holder. Assisting in the cover-up of Fast and Furious, and even worse, the Benghazi cover-up. Without Eric Holder to run interference in ongoing FBI investigations and DOJ prosecutions, who might be willing to risk their reputation – and more importantly their freedom – on protecting a lame duck presidency filled with unconstitutional, and possibly criminal, acts?

Considering the importance of the Attorney General of the United States in dealing with terrorism and political corruption, Obama’s pick needs to be someone controllable by Obama and his fellow travelers. Someone acceptable to the Senate democrats who are likely to confirm anyone who can save the President and their party from the embarrassing disclosures that may surface during the many scandals yet to be fully uncovered. Unfortunately, there may be nothing about justice, fairness, and the American way in Obama’s candidate requirements list.

-- steve

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