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Gun Control: Progressives afraid to blame the perpetrators, crazies, and criminals.

Once again, the progressives try to spin inner city gun-related violence, into blame the weapon, not the shooter … 

46 People Were Shot In Chicago In Less Than 72 Hours This Weekend -- Youngest Victim 15-Year-Old Shot Dead by Police

Where's the outrage over this story?

Yes, where is the outrage? Where are the authorities when it comes to dealing with gang members in the inner cities? Where are those who demand that the progressives quit blaming guns and start blaming the shooters?

Chicago saw  46 people shot the weekend following the six-month anniversary of the Newtown shooting, which happened to coincide with Father’s Day weekend.

See the progressives conflate the actions of a mentally disturbed individual in the Newtown shooting with the criminal activity in Chicago as if there is some connection. This type of mass murder on the streets of Chicago is nothing new nor startling to the average Chicago resident. What should be startling is the lack of official response to the minorities involved in the majority of these actions. Because they are minorities, does not mean they should get a pass when it comes to criminal activities that greatly affects the entire community.

During one of the bloodiest weekends of the year, Chicago Tribune reports that seven people were killed, with the youngest victim being a  15-year-old boy shot dead by police.

Boo effin’ hoo! That the “child” was 15 doesn’t mean he wasn’t guilty of a crime or did something so outrageously stupid as to cause his own death. In fact, many gangs use younger children as gang bangers so that they are treated as juveniles and escape the full weight of the law. As Chief Darryl Gates of the Los Angeles Police Department once observed, an officer shot by a juvenile is just as dead as one shot by an adult. So what do you tell his wife and children? The headline “Youngest Victim 15-Year-Old Shot Dead by Police” is misleading – the creep was not a victim, he was the perpetrator of his own death. What the author seems to have overlooked …

A 15-year-old boy was fatally shot by a Chicago police officer in the South Side's Englewood neighborhood Sunday night, authorities said.

The shooting happened about 10:50 p.m. in the 6600 block of South Sangamon Street. Pat Camden, a union spokesman for the Fraternal Order of Police, said officers assigned to a gang crimes unit heard gunfire in the area and spotted three people running as the officers responded. Police pursued one of the runners, leaving their car and chasing him on foot down Sangamon Avenue, according to a preliminary statement from the Chicago Police Department's Office of News Affairs. During the foot chase, the runner turned towards the officers and pointed a gun at them, drawing fire from an officer, according to the statement. The boy was struck and was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn. He was pronounced dead at 11:35 p.m., according to the Cook County Medical Examiner's office. <Source>

If things go as usual in the progressive media, look for the witnesses to deny the suspect had a gun. Look for the family to claim innocence and demand justice. Look for the faux community activists to move in to grab media face time. And, look for the inevitable ambulance chaser to see if they can extort something out of the system by claiming it was a wrongful death.

While mass shootings are more likely to attract the headlines — by ThinkProgress’ count there have been 14 since December — everyday gun violence in the U.S. adds up to a Newtown every single day (Slate counts more than  5,000 gun deaths since December).

You would think that the Chicago politicians and law enforcement authorities would begin a massive crackdown on gang activities. But, since these are minority gangs, it appears that the politicians are reluctant to attack part of their core constituency. Since when is attacking criminal activity racist? Answer: when the progressives tell the minorities that they are victims and claim that because the ratio of minorities in jail does not match the ratio of minorities in the population it must be de facto racism. The very same “disparate impact” rules that are used to convict banks of egregious behavior without regard to individual cases and the financial risks they truly present.

Gun advocates tend to use Chicago to argue that gun violence laws are not effective. Chicago has some of the strictest laws in the nation — it had a ban on handguns until 2010 — but the city has long suffered from violence that is on an uptick the past two years. The total number of weekend’s shootings is actually slightly down compared to the same period last year, when 53 had been shot.

It’s not that the gun ban is ineffective, it is that the politicians are stupid and corrupt. Stupid to believe that crazies and criminals will abide by any laws. and corrupt enough to allow the inner city minorities to kill each other to avoid “upsetting” their core constituency. One wonders where are the “church goers” and community activists on the issue. Oh I forgot, they are milking the system and need these incidents to feather their own nests.

But as a city, Chicago is not isolated from areas with  noticeably laxer laws. It is part of a state that has weaker gun violence laws, where a full 43 percent of the guns seized from Chicago crime come from. The rest of the seized guns were  trafficked from other states not typically known for their gun violence prevention. Just in May, a convicted felon shot a man by arranging for someone to buy his handgun from a strip mall  40 miles away. Loopholes in federal law leave areas with strict gun laws more vulnerable to these straw purchases.

Don’t blame the shooter. Don’t blame the person who steals a gun. Don’t blame the gangs. And, don’t blame the minority culture. Blame the “system.” At least that is more acceptable to the minorities who are the victims of gun-related violence.

President Obama made a plea for federal law to  catch up in February, before the Senate filibustered the most serious congressional attempt to address gun violence.

And, President Obama and his Attorney General, Eric Holder, were caught giving weapons to Mexican drug cartels, for the sole purpose of demonstrating that guns used in Mexican killings were traceable to the United States and therefore, we should impose stricter gun control on law-abiding citizens. These public officials should have been impeached, tried, and convicted for aiding and abetting the criminal activities of foreign gangs that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of foreign nationals – and a number of American citizens. You would think that Obama and Holder, both from Chicago, would go after the minority gangs instead of running operations like “Fast and Furious” to arm Mexican drug gangs. But, then again, they are politicians who rely on the minority vote.

Rebecca Leber is a research assistant for the ThinkProgress war room. She graduated from the University of Rochester and holds a B.A. in political science and English with a minor in economics.  <Source: 46 People Were Shot In Chicago In Less Than 72 Hours This Weekend -- Youngest Victim 15-Year-Old Shot Dead by Police | Alternet>

Yes, it should rightfully be called a “war room” because that’s what progressives are doing – making war on America and American citizens in order to bring about international socialism and communism. These poor deluded fools look at Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Russia, China and learn nothing about socialism and communism. Believing that the millions of people killed by these political systems was because the “right” leader has not yet emerged. Corrupt and crazy is the only way to describe these people who use the disaffected among us to serve as their political power base. Creating victims and managing scarcity for political advantage.

Bottom line …

Progressives would rather create larger pools of victims by disarming the law-abiding public … apparently for the purposes of enlarging government to the point of a police state that can impose socialism and communism by fiat. Telling people they are safer and more secure as the roaming gangs of government thugs and their friends are given free access to the fruits of our labor.

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