If the GOP could not put a Hispanic former Navy SEAL into an interim Senate position, even when the residency of democrat Markey was questioned, they fail the proof of life test as a viable political party. While Massachusetts is a liberal state, the home of Teddy Kennedy and John Kerry, a moderate Republican, Scott Brown, managed to win the election to replace that corrupt, lecher and killer, Teddy Kennedy. 

What can we learn from this debacle?

  1. You need the financial resources to mount the attack.
  2. You need seasoned campaign managers and strategists.
  3. You need the ground game crew to get out the vote.
  4. You need a message which resonates with the electorate instead of the same old platitudes and positions.
  5. You need to overcome the entitlement society that votes with their pocketbook closed and their hands out.
  6. You need hard-hitting impact saturation advertising.
  7. You cannot beat-up fellow Republicans during the primary, and hope the survivor wins in the shortened general election. Especially when you have provided ammunition to your political enemy.
  8. You need the will to do what ever is necessary to win.

You cannot have a better candidate than a Hispanic former Navy SEAL. But, the message was moderate – “democrat lite” if you will – and worthless. Platitudes about generalities that could not lead to action items.

Dem Rep. Markey wins US Senate election in Mass.  

Longtime Democratic U.S. Rep. Edward Markey defeated Republican political newcomer Gabriel Gomez in a special election on Tuesday for the state's U.S. Senate seat long held by John Kerry, a race that failed to draw the attention that the state's 2010 special Senate election did.

Markey, 66, won the early backing of Kerry and much of the state's Democratic political establishment, which was set on avoiding a repeat of the stunning loss it suffered three years ago, when Republican state Sen. Scott Brown upset Democratic state Attorney General Martha Coakley in the election to replace the late Democratic Sen. Edward Kennedy.

Gomez, a 47-year-old businessman and former Navy SEAL, positioned himself as a moderate and Washington outsider who would challenge partisan gridlock, contrasting himself with Markey, who was first elected to the U.S. House in 1976.

With almost all precincts reporting late Tuesday, Markey had 55 percent, or about 629,000 votes, and Gomez had 45 percent, or about 513,000 votes.

Markey, who declared victory two hours after the polls closed, ticked off a slew of legislative priorities. He said he wanted to help spark a "green energy revolution," protect seniors, boost job growth in Massachusetts and ensure young people can attend college without shouldering enormous debt.

Markey, who has served in the state's congressional delegation for 37 years, also emphasized his humble roots in Malden. Markey outspent Gomez throughout the race, and Republicans were unable to match a well-oiled Democratic field organization in an election that saw relatively light turnout in much of the heavily Democratic state.

Markey spent more than $8.6 million on the race through the end of the last reporting period June 5, compared with $2.3 million by Gomez, according to Federal Election Commission records. Outside groups also poured about $6 million into the Markey-Gomez contest, in the absence of an agreement between the candidates akin to one that had kept most outside money out of last year's Warren-Brown race.  Source: News from The Associated Press

Bottom line …

Perhaps, the GOP made a calculation that the money was not worth the effort to achieve a temporary seat, as Markey will face re-election in 2014 in a full congressional election cycle. But, what we would have liked to see is a commitment to build campaign resources. Or is the GOP’s new strategy, abandon all by the high-value races; making upsets the wild card in retaining the House and trying to capture a Senate majority.

Something needs to be done to thwart Obama and his fellow travelers before they destroy the United States. And, the GOP has not convinced me that they are up to the task – or even worse – want to thwart policies that will make some of their special interest supporters wealthier.

-- steve

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