Education Bill to Give Special Protection to Homosexual Students

When are “We the People” going to challenge Congress on creating unconstitutional legislation?

There is no enumerated provision in the United States Constitution that grants power over the nation’s educational apparatus to the federal government. In fact, the constitution only grants those enumerated powers and reserves the rest of any power to either the states or individuals. Something that is skirted by the federal government by coercion – withholding taxpayers funds from educational institutions that do not conform to their “standards.” An illegal act, a criminal act. The Department of Education needs to be eliminated or greatly downsized as they are not only unconstitutional, but have failed their mission. When we see the creation of functional illiterates, the rise of activism over arithmetic, and social nonsense being made part of the curriculum, they have failed. Even dumbing down tests to produce higher scores did not help.

Here is an example of such unconstitutional nonsense hidden in another massive 1000+ page bill few legislators read and fewer understand before voting along party line …

Bear in mind that the constitution demands that all people be treated equally under the law. There is no provision for coercive behavior on the part of the federal government to implement affirmative action or laws which provide enhanced penalties to protect any class of individuals. Murder is murder, rape is rape, and bullying is bullying. It doesn’t matter what color, nationality, sex, or sexual orientation you may be. 

Education Bill to Give Special Protection to Homosexual Students

The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) was first signed into law in 1965 by President Lyndon B. Johnson.  In 2001, President George W. Bush helped to revamp the ESEA and gave it the name No Child Left Behind Act.  Bush’s version of the statute expired in 2007.  Since its expiration, Congress has made a number of attempts to pass another revision of No Child Left Behind, but as yet, all attempts have failed.

Earlier this month, Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) introduced another massive version of the education bill.  His bill covers 1,150 pages and like so many huge bills, contains hidden items that most people would never notice until it’s too late.  In Harkin’s case, the hidden provision starts on page 694 and lays out plans to protect LGBT students from bullying.

The bill goes so far in protecting gay and lesbian students that any school that does not take the necessary steps to prevent bullying and harassing of gay and lesbian students could have their funding cut off.  The bill says nothing about cutting the funding from schools that allow the bullying and harassing of normal student or Christian students, or Jewish student, just gays and lesbians.

Once again we see where gays and lesbians are after preferential treatment, not equal treatment.  In fact, it is socially acceptable to bully and harass straight, Christian and conservative students, but it’s not okay to give the same bullying treatment to gay, lesbian, Hispanic or Muslim students.  Source: Education Bill to Give Special Protection to Homosexual Students

Bottom line …

There are enough laws on the books – although they are rarely enforced. It is time to demand legislator stop creating legislation that panders to activists and special interests ONLY to secure their financial support and votes. It’s like a con job – the legislators pick a controversial subject and both sides of the aisle rake in dollars and votes depending on their individual positions. They welcome political corruption as it feeds their coffers and keeps them in the media.

A special note to the republicans: you are gross losers because you keep including social policies in your platform when you should be demanding a smaller government and less spending. You are as corrupt as the democrats when it comes to special interests, spending, and crony capitalism. If you don’t reform soon and put forth some real leadership, the party is toast. If Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, John McCain, Lindsey Graham are the best you can do – kaput, over and out.

-- steve

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