The more observant among you will notice that the number of cases where law enforcement harasses or intimidates civilians photographing their actions or merely watching their activities has risen dramatically. To the point where law enforcement authors routinely confiscate cameras, cell-phones or demand that civilians move off their own property using the threat of arrest as an intimidating factor. Even when confronted with bad behavior, the law enforcement family rallies around officers accused of wrong-doing – sometimes to the point of perjury and filing false police reports.

This bill is so poorly conceived and written as to endanger every New York resident that meets with the disapproval of a rogue, disgruntled, or angry police officer. Perhaps, the legislation should be extended so that any police officer who falsely claims harassment or writes a false police report should be fined and jailed, punishable up to four years in prison? 

Senate Passes Bill Making the Harassment of a Police Officer a Crime

The New York State Senate today passed a bill that creates the crime of aggravated harassment of a police or peace officer. The bill  (S.2402), sponsored by Senator Joe Griffo (R-C-I, Rome) would make it a felony to harass, annoy, or threaten a police officer while on duty.

“Our system of laws is established to protect the foundations of our society,” Senator Griffo said. “Police officers who risk their lives every day in our cities and on our highways deserve every possible protection, and those who treat them with disrespect, harass them and create situations that can lead to injuries deserve to pay a price for their actions.”
The bill establishes this crime as a Class E Felony, punishable by up to four years in prison.

“At a time when shocking incidents of disrespect and outright confrontation are at an all-time high, the men and women who patrol the streets of our cities deserve every possible protection we can offer them,” Senator Griffo stated. “My bill would make it a crime to take any type of physical action to try to intimidate a police officer. This is a necessary action because we can see from the rise in incidents that too many people in our society have lost the respect they need to have for a police officer. We need to make it very clear that when a police officer is performing his duty, every citizen needs to comply and that refusal to comply carries a penalty.”

“Professionally, I am grateful to see this bill pass through the Senate. Our police officers have a very dangerous job and need the support of our government leaders to help make them safe,” said Utica Police Department Chief Mark Williams.

“All too often persons are physically challenging police officers in the line of duty. Currently in those instances where an officer is physically attack (short of sustaining a physical injury) the lawful charge is only a violation. The consequences are way too low for the offender and it sends the wrong message to the public.

Police officers are the public’s first line of defense to restore order in dangerous/chaotic situations. Citizens do not have the legal right to physically challenge the authority of an officer lawfully performing their duties. Threats, intimidation and physical force used upon our police officers not only erode respect for our criminal justice system, but also endanger the public as well. Source: Senate Passes Bill Making the Harassment of a Police Officer a Crime | New York State Senate

Imagine the consequences of pushing a policeman when he is forcing you to move back from a political rally? Or the consequences of a rogue police officer caught committing a crime and threatening the citizen who is reporting it to the media? There is no protection of the citizen from the police who are supposed to work for the community.

If police officers cannot keep themselves safe in dangerous situations, they certainly cannot keep the residents safe – and even worse – become a danger to themselves and others as we witness the growing number of police shooting unarmed people ostensibly because “an officer felt threatened.”

Bottom line …

There are enough laws already on the books to protect police officers who are performing their duties. Interfering with a police officer is a crime. Assaulting a police officer is a crime. So why is this New York Senator trying to circumvent or supplement existing law and provide even more power to intimidate even more law-abiding citizens? Something stinks – and I think it is a socialist union power grab by the authorities to stifle the upcoming dissent when people find out they have been sold-out by corrupt politicians.

-- steve

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