LOOK AT ME, I AM STILL RELEVANT AND NEWSWORTHY: Now that Celebrity Apprentice is over, Donald Trump is talking about politics ... AGAIN!

RINO Republican John McCain meets with rebel leaders in Syria ... McCain is fast becoming a clear and present danger to America!

RINO (Republican In Name Only) John McCain is almost as dangerous to America as is President Barack Obama. Overlooking the serious injuries McCain received in Viet Nam, he has also been judged by many veterans to be a brainwashed vet who openly disclosed his collaboration with the enemy. That in addition to aisle-hopping to the democrats to pursue their socialist agenda in everything from campaign finances (McCain-Feingold), immigration (McCain-Kennedy), and global warming (McCain-Feingold). Whereas the aging Senator appears to be peaking, his BFF Senator Lindsey Graham is also championing his progressive programs.

Now we find McCain in Syria and urging further United States involvement in a civil war between militant terrorists and militant terrorists. There are no good guys and no compelling United States interests in this match-up. In fact, the more Muslims kill Muslims, the safer the United States and other nations will be. Let them decimate their own youth for a never-ending Islamic argument to which sect of Islam is to be the leader of the Caliphate.

How stupid or corrupt is John McCain?

McCain meets with rebel leaders in Syria

Sen. John McCain (R) traveled to war-torn Syria on Monday to meet with rebel leaders, a spokesman for the Arizona senator confirmed to The Hill. McCain's visit makes him the highest-ranking U.S. official to enter the country since its civil war began two years ago. According to the Daily Beast, which first reported the visit, McCain met with Gen. Salem Idris, the leader of the Supreme Military Council of the Free Syrian Army, and spent a few hours in the country after entering through Turkey.

McCain, a leading critic of the Obama administration's policy towards Syria, has been calling for the U.S. to provide lethal aid to opposition forces seeking the ouster of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The administration has resisted calls from lawmakers to arm the rebels over fears those weapons could fall into the hands of Islamist or anti-U.S. elements. Many Syrian rebel groups have been linked to al Qaeda and other terrorist groups. Source: McCain meets with rebel leaders in Syria - The Hill's Global Affairs

At what cost to the American taxpayer did Senator McCain travel to an area populated by anti-American forces? There is no Islamic sect that is not anti-America. What part of the Quran does John McCain read that claims Islam is the religion of peace and tolerates dissenting thoughts and religions? All sides have been infiltrated by al Qaeda. We don’t need to give them arms, the Iran, Russia, and the Saudis, all who have a dog in this fight, have sent enough arms to kill everyone multiple times.

Why should we risk American blood and treasure for a situation that is every much as unwinnable as Afghanistan with its tribal cultural and warlords? That is, unless you believe McCain and others in our government are doing the bidding of the private contractors who will lose billions if we withdraw from Iraq.

Why isn’t McCain focusing on the real threat – Iran – the nation that is threatening the region and the source of most Muslim terrorism?

Bottom line …

It is unclear who or what is motivating John McCain to involve the United States in an unwinnable conflict that benefits nobody other than the government bureaucracy and the arms dealers. We cannot even begin to solve the Muslim problems in the region, other than containment with force. The type of force needed to get the job done. Massive bombing and destruction of military targets and civilian collateral damage. Something that lead to our political defeat in Viet Nam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. With the progressive fifth column working to defeat the United States from within.

There is absolutely no reason the United States needs to protect the Syrian public. Let the corrupt United Nations send Muslim troops to die in the conflict.

John McCain and his fellow travelers are wankers. And, as bad as Barack Obama may be, there are indications that a McCain presidency would have been much worse. Perhaps the collective wisdom of our nation did, in fact, provide the best of two bad choices.

-- steve 

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