Racist Representative Bobby Rush rips Senator Mark Kirk's Gang Arrests proposal as "elitist white boy solution"


The United Nations has dishonestly sought to secure permanent power for its internal bureaucracy and a source of permanent funding unaffected by the whims of its member nations, of which the United States is the largest contributor. To this end, the United Nations has admitted falsifying medical statistics on hiv/aids and over-publicizing pandemics …

First, lets deal with the matter of the United Nations’ estimates. They have admitted that population growth is not linear and many of their projections involving population growth are faulty. Even recently, they admitted that their estimates of HIV/Aids were markedly in error due to a faulty methodology that simply diagnoses anyone with fever and weight loss in a particular region as being affected with HIV/Aids and that the deception was for the benign purposes of raising awareness of the true problem and seeking funding for their programs. Can you say “lying thieves?”

The United Nations has a history of admitting to the overstating of scientific research for the purposes of increasing public awareness and issue-based funding. They are not a credible source of information when it comes to their self-interest which would convey great regulatory and taxation powers to an institution that currently begs member nations for support.

I have zero respect for the United Nations. They have ignored their charter and sat idly by while rogue leaders engaged in genocide. They have admitted to openly distorting science and medicine reporting for the purpose of increasing media and public awareness and to boost fundraising. They have been complicit in the ugly deaths of hundreds of millions with their pseudo-science ban on the pesticide DDT, which they have now approved.  They are rife with internal corruption as members live lavish lifestyles while others starve. 

"Having millions fewer people with a lethal contagious disease is good news. Some researchers, however, contend that persistent overestimates in the widely quoted U.N. reports have long skewed funding decisions and obscured potential lessons about how to slow the spread of HIV. Critics have also said that U.N. officials overstated the extent of the epidemic to help gather political and financial support for combating AIDS."

Please Pay Attention to the MERS Warnings -- The WHO calls it a ‘threat to the entire world’ and 26 are dead. Why all of the scary talk about the strange, deadly virus coming out of the Middle East? Kent Sepkowitz explains. 

Margaret Chan, secretary-general of the World Health Organization, raised a few eyebrows and dropped a few jaws this week with her proclamation that the weird new corona virus circulating mostly in the Middle East posed a “threat to the entire world.”

She might be right, sort of. The virus is a close cousin of the contagion that caused SARS, the acronym for the severe acute respiratory syndrome that appeared dramatically in South China and Hong Kong in 2002, spread rapidly, and ended up causing more than 8,000 cases, including 775 deaths. The exact reason for the precipitous appearance of SARS (and even more precipitous disappearance) remains a hot topic of debate among virologists, public-health sorts, and those who specialize in predicting doom. 

Why then the scare tactics? Well, Chan is someone with an interesting career. Trained as a doctor in Canada, she was a high-ranking public-health official in Hong Kong for both the 1997 H5N1 avian-flu outbreak and, relevant to MERS, for the 2002–03 SARS outbreak. Her avian flu performance initially was perhaps a little shaky—early in the outbreak, she made some headlines by publicly grinning and bearing it, telling the citizenry that she wasn’t afraid and was, in fact, planning to eat chicken that very night. 

It ain’t easy. But Chan has taken the only path available: scream really loud with eye-popping language to get a little notice. As predicted, the news media (including The Daily Beast) took the bait. Mission accomplished.

We shouldn’t begrudge her this bit of showmanship; her job is to prepare people for what might be ahead. That means overstating the threat more than once in a while, as she is with MERS. But her work will not be wasted, unfortunately. Sooner or later, we will indeed meet up with another truly scary epidemic and another reason to pay sober attention to the pronouncements of the WHO. And then their experience in corralling the world’s attention, sharpened by the likes of MERS, may make all the difference. Source:  Please Pay Attention to the MERS Warnings - The Daily Beast

Why I am calling bullshit!

First because you can’t trust a person who knowingly and deliberately generates fear in order to pursue a personal, political, and professional agenda. Second, the numbers pale in comparison to the number of people, mostly elderly, who die from the various forms of seasonal flu. And third, the WHO is playing with fire – the boy who cried wolf so many times, when the wolf really appeared, nobody would believe the boy.

Bottom line …

How stupid do you have to be to repeatedly believe an “official” source that lies – and then excuses their actions by claiming they want to raise awareness and funding.

-- steve

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