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What they are hiding: Nothing to see here, ignore the man behind the curtain -- look over there …

This is an historic head-fake of monumental proportions. The Obama Administration is trying to convince the American public that global warming is a potential catastrophe and action needs to be taken now. Sort of like the 2,000+ page bill that was explained by another radical socialist, Nancy Pelosi, who infamously said, “We Have to Pass the Bill So That You Can Find Out What Is In It.”

The facts are simple:

(1) The science is still unsettled, with substantive evidence that global warming activist have subverted the science.

(2) It is doubtful that Americans can significantly influence nature on a global scale – anymore than predicting and stopping earthquakes – let alone measure the results among the noise of climate’s natural variability or in a time span less than 800 years.

(3) It is not about science, but CONTROL! The unbridled expansion of Executive Branch power to control the entire United State economy through the regulation of exploration, creation, storage, transmission, marketing, and usage of energy and energy-related products.

You have seen what happens when governments engage in central planning; where stronger and stronger measures are needed to keep the population in check due to government failures. Leading to a totalitarian regime run by a dictator and his secret police. You have seen what happens when the government tries to pick winners and losers – rewarding the special interests and their politically connected friends with untold millions while the taxpayer is robbed blind. Think of solar panel manufacturer, Solyndra, electric car maker, Fisker Motors, and battery manufacturer, A123, and other “green” projects which have failed. Think about the “father of global warming,” Al Gore who sold his television station to one of the largest oil producers in the Middle East and pocketed $200 million for his hypocrisy.

Now, the radical Obamacons want to further demonize those who stand in the way of a government  coup d'état …


Friend --

Take a look at these statements on climate change -- give 'em a good read through and see what you think:

"Global warming has become a religion for many back here in Washington. To this crowd, there are no greater or more urgent problems anywhere. They worship at the alter [sic] of carbon generation and reduction."

"Nobody really knows the cause ... the earth cools, the earth warms ... It could be caused by carbon dioxide or methane. Maybe we should kill the cows to stop the methane, or stop breathing to stop the CO2 ... Thousands of people die every year of cold, so if we had global warming it would save lives ... We ought to look out for people. The earth can take care of itself."

"I'm also old enough to remember when the same left-wing part of our society was creating a global cooling scare in order to generate funds for their pet projects. So 30-some years ago the big scare was global cooling, and once they drained that [topic], they shifted to global warming."

"[Scientists] are making up their facts to fit their conclusions. They've already caught them doing this."

Sounds like things your crazy uncle would say at Thanksgiving dinner, right?

Look at the way the proposition is framed. They tell the literal truth about the state of global climate science and their political motivations  -- and then attempt to tell you these are crazy thoughts.

You'd be wrong. These are all statements made by current elected officials in Congress, folks whose votes have the power to make an actual difference on this issue. These climate deniers need to be called out -- and you're the only ones who can do it.

Add your name to join the team that's going to hold these deniers accountable.

Accountable for what and to whom? And, what are they denying? We do not know to a scientific certitude that man is responsible for a large portion of global climate change, nor do we know if man can affect climate on a global scale o that the actions of foreign emerging nations like China, India, and Russia – a significant source of pollution – will disadvantage their economies because of socialists in the United States. One would assume that Members of Congress would hold hearings, debate the facts – and consider the welfare of their constituents when making decisions. Not, subverting the role of Congress and ceding tremendous power to the Executive Branch agencies which are not constitutionally permissible – like the Environmental Protection Agency or Department of Energy. The Members of Congress should be concentrating on making America energy independent and free of coercive decisions in the world which are driven by energy-related (petroleum) interests. The Members of Congress should note the degree to which the Administration has failed to perform. Giving us electric cars (with a 32-mile range and a 18-hour recharge cycle) nobody wants because the batteries degrade in extreme heat and extreme cold.

OFA will be out there making sure that the people saying these things are called out -- and the people who sidestep the facts are forced to step up and say what they actually believe is going on with our climate.

Sidestep the facts? Excuse me! Why was Al Gore permitted to testify without oath and refused to accept questions from a well-credentialed scientist who wanted to put forth another opinion. The issue has not been formally debated in an open forum, by people under oath. Even worse, those testifying appear to be administrators and other non-scientists, or those with a significant conflict of interest because their funding is provided by the government.

Look, our crazy uncles aren't the problem. But these members of Congress are using these far-fetched conspiracy theories as an excuse for not taking action on an issue that affects our environment, our economy, and yes, the planet our children and grandchildren inherit.

These are not far-fetched conspiracy theories – but observable actions of motivated socialists and communists who have infiltrated the environmental movement. These are the people who believe in population control and managing the scarcity of natural resources to gain political power.

Climate change is real, and we're not going to get anywhere on the issue until these guys admit that.

If you and I don't say anything, nothing will change in Washington.

Help climate deniers in Congress see the light and take a step toward progress. Say you'll help hold them accountable:

<Obama web link redacted>



Jim Messina, Chair, Organizing for Action

Bottom line …

Climate change is real. But the question is whether or not man is causing enough of the problem to warrant concern and whether or not man can mitigate the awesome forces of nature. What is also very real is that the Obama Administration doesn’t give a damn about science – telling NASA to engage in a Muslim outreach while paying hundreds of millions to the Russians to taxi our astronauts to the International Space Station.

Historically, no other president has converted his campaign team into a year-around fundraising and political action group after being elected. Extending the campaign to a multi-year 24/7 advocacy of his party and positions. And, which could be a source of continuing political influence controlled by the candidate – not the political party – after the candidate leaves office. This is not even close to the same type of advocacy supported by the Clinton Foundation – which does not interfere (very much) in domestic politics.

Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton (whose fawning thesis was on Saul Alinsky) use Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals as their playbook. In this instance, Rule #5 -- “Ridicule is man's most potent weapon.” By ridiculing and demonizing the opposition – including those well-credentialed scientists who disagree with the hypothesis, the computer models, the highly manipulated data, or other aspects of the global climate scientific inquiry – they short-circuit the conversation from one of socialist/communist totalitarian-style political control to one of science and the politics of personal destruction.  

In the final analysis, you cannot trust this administration to tell you the truth about anything.

-- steve

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