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Is it me or does it seem that everything associated with the Obama Administration is being subject to a re-write for political purposes?

The original news story …

Man with ties to Boston bombing suspect admits role in 2011 murders; shot during FBI questioning

Dead Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev and another man — who was killed by the FBI on Wednesday — murdered three people in Massachusetts after a drug deal went wrong in 2011, law enforcement sources tell NBC News. Sources say that what began as a drug ripoff ended in a triple homicide when Tsarnaev and friend Ibragim Todashev realized their victims would later be able to identify them.

Todashev was killed by a federal agent while giving a statement on his role on Wednesday in Orlando, Fla.

The man who was shot, Todashev, 27, allegedly attacked an agent with a knife while confessing to the slayings. He was not suspected of having played any role in the bombing that killed three people and injured scores more in April, but he did confess to being involved in a brutal Boston-area slaying two years ago, investigators said.

Law enforcement officials said Todashev was being questioned as part of the FBI’s effort to find and talk to anyone who had any contact with Tsarnaev, the older bombing suspect killed in a shootout with police. The shooting occurred in the early morning hours on Wednesday, the FBI said in a statement. “The agent, two Massachusetts State Police troopers, and other law enforcement personnel were interviewing an individual in connection with the Boston Marathon bombing investigation when a violent confrontation was initiated by the individual,” the statement said. “During the confrontation, the individual was killed and the agent sustained non-life threatening injuries,” according to the statement. <Source>

OK … the story is that the triple murder was drug-related. Even though the men were Jewish, found with their throats slit, copious quantities of marijuana and money still present at the scene – and, oh by the way, the killing happened on the anniversary of 9/11.

2011 Waltham murders

A triple homicide was committed in Waltham, Massachusetts, on the evening of September 11, 2011. Brendan Mess, Erik Weissman, and Raphael Teken were murdered in Mess's apartment. All three victims were Jewish according to a source.  All had their throats slit from ear to ear, with such great force that they were nearly decapitated. Thousands of dollars of marijuana and money were left covering their mutilated bodies, and $5,000 was left at the scene. The local district attorney said that it appeared that the killer and the victims knew each other, and that the murders were not random. <Source>

If a drug deal went wrong, you think that the perpetrators of this crime would have not have left the drugs and money at the scene.

Now the story is changing …

An FBI incident review team from Washington, D.C., is in Orlando today, a day after a Russian man who knew Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev was shot dead by an agent.

Federal and Central Florida law enforcement agencies are still collecting and processing evidence from the shooting scene at a condominium complex on Peregrine Avenue, near Kirkman Road and Universal Orlando, where Ibragim Todashev was shot early Wednesday.

Initially, FBI officials said Todashev, 27, became violent and lunged at an agent with a knife while he was being questioned about Tsarnaev and an unsolved 2011 triple murder in the Boston suburb of Waltham. The agent, acting on an "imminent threat," then shot Todashev, they said.

However, later in the day, some of those officials had backed off that preliminary account, and it's no longer clear what happened in the moments before the fatal shooting, The Associated Press reported. Sources told Fox 25 News in Boston that Todashev, a Russian national living legally in Florida, was about to sign a confession linking him to the Waltham slayings just before the shooting took place.

"I heard a couple of loud bangs and saw a couple of cop cars riding by," said Jared Morse, who lives in the area. "They wouldn't let anyone out to see anything or anything like that, so they made us go back inside." Source: Moments leading to fatal FBI shooting in Orlando still unclear - FOX 35 News Orlando

Bottom line …

Unfortunately, we can no longer take anything the Obama Administration says at face value. The trust and faith in the Department of Justice under Eric Holder is gone; as is the trust and faith in a FBI run by the Department of Justice.

It is good police procedure to determine that an interviewee or suspect is not armed, especially with a deadly weapon prior to interrogation. It is also good police procedure to secure the scene of the interview to prevent the interviewee or suspect from obtaining a weapon during the course of the interview. So what went wrong?

And, as we have seen over the past months, we can’t have an actual finding of Muslim terrorism, especially relating to the anniversary of 9/11, on Barack Obama’s watch. Especially not now with the Benghazi scandal unfolding and the near-beheading of a soldier in England.

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