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Global Warming: Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Reaches 400 parts-per-million! So what?

I cannot but laugh at the global warming activists who continue to demonize carbon dioxide, not as a necessary requirement of life and a healthy planet ecosystem, but as a foul polluting gas that threatens the planet’s very existence.

So, what should we make of NOAA’s (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) announcement that measurements of atmospheric carbon dioxide at the Mona Loa observatory has reached a modern historic high of 400 parts-per-million? Something that has not been seen for approximately two million years.

The short answer is: NOTHING! 

First, an increased level of atmospheric carbon dioxide is apparently good for the planet. It promotes the growth of plants, which in turn provides increased oxygen for humans – further diluting the existing pollution and making it easier to breathe.

Second, compared to the largest greenhouse gas, water vapor, atmospheric carbon dioxide is relatively impotent in bringing about any form of gross global climate change. It does not cause global warming because the rise in the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide lags the rise in global temperature by 600 to 1,000 years (depending on which dataset you use), so it cannot be causal. In fact, the rise of atmospheric carbon dioxide can be linked to the warming of the oceans; much like opening a cold beer on a warm day sends carbon dioxide dissolved in the water into the atmosphere. And, if nobody has checked lately, it is natural to assume that the planet would warm as we emerged from the Little Ice Age. Yes, that was a long time ago – but nature operates on vast time-scales.

Three, the actual readings may be bogus and worthless in an of themselves. Few people know that the Mona Loa observatory sits near an active volcano that spews forth various pollutants as well as carbon dioxide each and every day – thus changing local readings into hypersensitive observations. Likewise, measurements near known CO2 emitters cannot be trusted.

Four, we must separate climate scientists from climate activists who make announcements with a political agenda, rather than science, in mind. These are the progressives who want to enlarge government, hike taxes, tell you how to live, and curtail your freedom based on a speculative hypothesis which has not been proven by observable data – except highly-manipulated data in flawed computer models with incomplete or faulty assumptions.

Five, look at the inherent conflict of interest of key research institutions and researchers who depend on global warming funds to live comfortably. While these institutions and researchers may not be dishonest, they do have an institutional bias that comes from submitting projects that support the prevailing Administration’s viewpoint – so as to secure financial support. It is far more likely that a research project that puts forth the political position of the funders is likely to get funded, rather than one that contradicts prevailing wisdom.

Bottom line …

Another false and misleading piece of the puzzle for the purpose of pursuing international socialism and central planning.

-- steve

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