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Democrat Socialist Gay Agenda Affects Immigration Reform: Unconstitutional Preference for a Designated Class?

What part of equal rights under the law do you not understand?

There is no doubt in my mind that the democrat socialists are continuing to shred the Constitution of the United States by conferring super-citizen privileges to people based on race and gender identity. Whatever happened to the concept that all people are treated equally under the law.


Now comes a Senator, Patrick Leahy, who must be as corrupt as they come; because he chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee and is a lawyer. Who better to understand the Constitution and the law?

Now we are learning that Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) wants to add an amendment to the bill that would give preferential treatment to the illegal alien same-sex partners of American citizens.  Like the military benefits being offered to the unmarried same-sex partners of US servicemen and women, this amendment does not offer the same preferential treatment for the unmarried partners of heterosexual couples.  If you’re gay, you get to move to the head of the line and if you’re not gay, you take your place in line like everyone else. Read more at: Liberal Senator to Add Same Sex Marriage Preferential Treatment to Immigration Reform

Bottom line …

When are the democrat socialists going to honor their oath of office and protect, preserve and defend the Constitution of the United States? When are the democrat socialists going to treat everyone equal under the law? Eliminating the type of affirmative action that moves unqualified people to the front of the line while disadvantaging qualified people. Eliminating special advantages for segments of the population based on race, gender, and other criteria that violates equal protection under the law. This is not about civil rights, this is about political power.

The government has no right to deal in marriage under the constitution. As for the states, all marriages appear to be civil commitments since they require a government-issued license to marry and government-approval to divorce. Change the laws to read civil commitment and remove the word “marriage” from the law. Use '”partner” instead of spouse. And, everything will be well with the world. Except that the gays are pushing to legitimize and publicize their lifestyle with this non-issue.

As for someone, like Leahy, who knows the law, to step beyond the boundaries of the Constitution, is unacceptable.

-- steve 

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