What is wrong with Darryl Issa? The Fifth Amendment applies only to personal immunity, it is not a shield law that can apply to organizations.


A friend of mine sent me a video of an internet opportunity that his son received. One that promised easy money – thousands of dollars per day – even when he sleeps And, one that was sent only to him, one of forty-nine specially selected recipients. Of course, the son was hooked – begging his father for the $400 good faith investment in the money-making “technology.” Telling his father that there was absolutely no risk and a 30-day money back guarantee. If the kid had been a tad smarter and internet savvy, he would have noticed that the enterprise was “offshore” and beyond the reach of the U.S. law enforcement and legal authorities. With a zero chance of getting his money returned after it had been processed by an overseas payment facilitator.

To start with, the video featured a mansion – one that I have seen before. It helps to have grown up in West Los Angeles where movie locations with rentable mansions are just minutes away. Of course, there were the obligatory cars, the Ferrari, Maserati, and Lamborghini – all without license plates and probably trucked in from a local car dealer for the commercial shoot.

And, the proof of consistent daily earnings consisted of screen shots that looked legitimate, but who really knows as I can duplicate the same shot in a matter of minutes. You know the shots have been manipulated as multiple dates and times flashed by as the narrator told you of the thousands of dollars per day he was making.

But, the kicker was – and it is the reason for this particular blog post – that if you entered the so-called information guru’s name plus the word scam into a  Google search box, you got a large number of reviews. Many asking if the opportunity was really a scam – and, of course, concluding it was a legitimate deal that should not be passed up. Of course, the review site’s creators screwed the pooch. All of these sites had the same pop-up offer when you tried to leave the page. All leading directly to the so-called guru’s website.

So, in the interests of education, you need to remember only a few basic things.

  1. If the idea is a money-spinning enterprise, why are they sharing it with you. People are never so rich that they kill their own golden goose by offering it to the general public. Unless their golden goose is selling get rich quick advice.
  2. If the idea seems too good to be true – it usually is. Especially when you see the mansion, the cars, and the girls with a suggestion that this can be achieved in a few years. What makes you even think that any opportunity that is offered to the general public will be active in even one year?
  3. The best advice comes from the Better Business Bureau: Investigate Before You Invest. Short, sweet, and self-explanatory.
  4. You cannot swindle an honest man. You can swindle a greedy man. You can swindle a stupid man. But you can’t swindle an honest man.
  5. The real way to entrepreneurial wealth is to build something with lasting value and a cash flow – then sell it to a bigger company for a lot of money.

Bottom line …

Don’t be sucked in. If it were that easy, the yacht harbor would be overflowing and there would be more Ferraris than Volkswagens.


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