Boston Bombing: Did the FBI interview the Tsarnev Uncle to run down the lead of a possible “Armenian” who recently converted to Islam and may have radicalized the older brother?
IS THE U.S. ARMING JIHADISTS WITH 20,000 U.S. M-16s stolen from unguarded warehouse in Kuwait

Who is an enemy of America, freedom and religious tolerance: Islam? Muslims? Radicals? Terrorists?

The Boston Marathon bombing has brought a grave issue to the forefront. Exactly who is our enemy?

CAIR (Council on American–Islamic Relations) would have you believe that there are good moderate Muslims and then there are bad radical jihadist Muslims. But is that a useful truth to give aid and comfort to a religion that demands death or enslavement for non-believers? While many American Muslims appear to be benign, how many of them agree with the concept of jihad and secretly applaud jihadists?

In fact, is there any such thing as a moderate Muslim – or are there just Muslims afraid to act out?

In World War II, nobody was making the case that there were moderate Nazis and that we should “go easy” on Germany because being a German was not the same as being a Nazi. In the case of Islamic Republics, there is no separation between state and religion as the religion dictates the state’s actions. And, just as there were Germans whose “go along to get along” philosophy was not militant, they were still contributors and supporters of Germany.

Questions that our government is afraid to answer …

  • Is the Constitution of the United States and the “Rule of Law” a suicide pact which allows our enemies to use our laws against us?
  • Who are our enemies? The individual radical jihadists who should be treated as international criminals, or the state that supports terrorism?
  • Is it now time to restrict immigration to non-Muslims?  
  • Is it now time to restrict or reexamine all Muslims from our Military, Intelligence, Law Enforcement and Government?
  • Is it now time to deport all Muslims who may be illegal aliens?
  • Is it now time to closely monitor Muslims leaving the United States, or even restrict Muslims from traveling abroad?
  • Is it now time to closely monitor prison recruitment of Muslims?

But most of all, is an unreformed Islam our enemy? I can think of no other religion that is both intolerant of human rights and that demands the death or servitude of non-believers.

-- steve

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