Schwarzenegger: California's "not so" silent disaster

Schwarzenstupid is trying to rehabilitate himself as a progressive climate activist …

Schwarzenegger apparently leaned a number of self-serving, self-promoting tricks which he served as California’s corrupt Governor.

First, how to betray your political party by appointing a life-long lesbian democrat operative who served your predecessor as your Chief of Staff.

Second, how to betray justice by openly acknowledging that the reduction in the sentence of a murderous thug was done as a favor to his father, another corrupt politician in the opposition party.

Third, how to betray the people of your state by not standing firm on spending cuts, but implementing the largest tax hike in recent history – and rewarding another dishonest, disingenuous politician with the position of Lt. Governor as a reward for casting the deciding vote in that massive tax increase.

And, fourth, how to exploit foundations and unprovable propositions for personal self-benefit.

The womanizing and philandering he did on his own.

Schwarzenegger: California's silent disaster -- The National Climate Assessment presents a sobering vision of the world that awaits us if we don't act. By Arnold Schwarzenegger

I will always remember the day I woke to the news that more than 2,000 fires were burning in California. I thought I must not have heard correctly. Two thousand fires? How could that be? In the end, the state's brave firefighters, joined by contingents from out of state, won the battle. But not before 11 emergency declarations were issued and more than 400,000 acres burned. Countless lives and livelihoods were ruined.

Well, Schwarzenstupid … it was a result of the environmental policies of your progressive pals and dishonest special interest developers that were the proximate cause of much of the problem. Ignoring the fact that fire is nature’s way of renewing and revitalizing forests and the wildlife they contain, your environmental pals were dead set against controlled burns and expensive brush clearance maintenance until the underbrush became an explosive disaster waiting for the right spark. And, the progressive developers continued to build farther and farther into environmentally dangerous areas – pushing homes against brushy hillsides full well knowing that fires are often spread far and wide by the high winds that periodically plague Southern California. As for the costs involved, spending an outrageous amount of time, effort and money to protect areas which should have been allowed to burn, government massed resources to stop the progress of the fire. Yes, we know that fires are followed by mudslides and erosion – just as it was decades before man invaded nature. So where was the shift in environmental policies, land usage and fire abatement on your watch?

Today, there's a new disaster looming, and although it's not as riveting or dramatic as walls of flames and billowing black smoke, it needs our immediate attention. The draft National Climate Assessment, now being circulated for comment and scheduled for release this year by the U.S. Global Change Research Program, presents a sobering vision of the world that awaits us if we don't act.

This team of top climate scientists has concluded that our region of the country is hotter than it has ever been and that it will get hotter — because of humans. The last decade was the hottest the Southwestern U.S. has experienced — on average 2 degrees warmer than it had been historically. The scientists project a further increase over the next 50 years of 6 to 9 degrees if we do nothing. Already we are seeing the effects of a warmer climate: droughts and heat waves that threaten lives, and, yes, fires.

Schwarzenstupid … where have you been? We are living in the middle of a frickin desert, made habitable by the importation of water from elsewhere in the State. Dry and drought are two words normally associated with our locale and to pretend otherwise is both disingenuous and intellectually dishonest.

If you haven’t noticed, you are quoting a “draft” report being sent around for both comment and revision. It is not a complete product and some of those conclusions may be subject to change.

And, by the way, how many of those “top” climate scientists are government employees or climate activists with significant conflicts of interests, or are administration types of institutions that receive significant government money; and those who are more into political ideology and the public policies needed to support their socialist political agenda?   

This shift could spell disaster for California, long the nation's agricultural powerhouse. The state produces more than half of the fruits, nuts and vegetables grown in the U.S., with an output of $43.5 billion last year. Californians don't rely just on the food produced by the state's farms; they rely on the revenue and the jobs too. Agriculture employs more than 1.5 million people in California.

Schwarzenstupid … do you recall the environmentalists who decimated the central valley agriculture region in favor of the friggin Delta Smelt. A billion dollars or more of crop loss, bankrupt businesses, fallowed land and thousands of jobs lost – all because of a small fish exploited by the socialists and communists who want to cripple California’s economy and then apply those lessons to the entire nation?

This report spells out many other negative effects that rising temperatures will cause in California. Over the last 100 years, sea levels have risen about 7 inches, and the San Francisco Bay Area is already feeling the effects. A sewage system there was flooded with saltwater, and the 101 Freeway has seen flooding. This isn't a distant threat.

Schwarzenstupid … do you understand that the San Francisco Bay Area is sitting on a tectonic plate that shifts land upward and can raise coastal sea levels in the area? Or that wind and waves can shift sea floors upward to raise sea levels? Not to mention the normal silting of runoff into the oceans?

Now, we are facing another rise in sea level of 1 to 4 feet. A rise of just 16 inches would be enough to endanger roads, highways and airports in San Francisco and Oakland. It could contaminate crucial groundwater in Los Angeles.

Schwarzenstupid … do you understand that these results are not scientific facts? They are the projected output of deeply flawed models with highly-massaged data – and cannot even match observational results over the past decade? Perhaps, you should consider the wisdom of political zoning in areas that are suspected to see some increase in sea level. But then again, that would impact all of those commercial installations and expensive homes. Where rational people tend to believe that any sea rise is so gradual and so long in coming as not to be an existential threat within the next hundred years or so?

Heat is already the leading cause of weather-related deaths, and the expected temperature increase will mean longer and hotter heat waves, like the one that killed 164 Californians during a blistering week in 2006.

Schwarzenstupid … do you not realize that we always see a number of people dying from heat-related issues; mostly the elderly in areas without air conditioning or – thanks to the artificial manipulation of energy costs by your special interest pals, are priced out of the energy market – having to decide whether or not to trade their dog food to keep cool. And, there is the small intellectual problem of asking how people in Arizona or Nevada cope with the heat? Or New Orleans with his humid heat. There will always be weather-related deaths and only the dishonest politicians try to spin this as a climate issue.

That's the bad news contained in the National Climate Assessment. The good news is we can do something to prevent these dire outcomes.

Schwarzenstupid … you can’t even control your own pecker and you want us to believe that you and your corrupt special interest ideologues can control the weather, or even make a measurable impact on global climate. The truth is that the signal of man’s puny effect on the climate cannot even be measured amid the noise of climate’s natural variability. There is no proof that carbon dioxide is a casual factor because the rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide as a consequence of warming oceans can be easily explained as the Earth warms after its emergence from the little Ice Age. But, how do you explain the decade-long cooling trend in the face of rising carbon dioxide level. This is junk science produced for personal interest and profit by government scientists and those whose institutions receive government funding.

The report should be a wake-up call for leaders in Washington to overcome gridlock and start working on solutions. For models of how to proceed, they need only look to California and other states and cities that have begun to move forward in a bipartisan way.

Schwarzenstupid … What solutions? The problem is not well-defined and has not been established to a scientific certainty. The solutions proposed are political and involve larger government, massive tax increases and the loss of individual freedoms. All goals of the international socialism crowd.

The first step for policymakers — and for ordinary citizens too — is to understand the situation we face, which means carefully reading the National Climate Assessment. It may not be as gripping to look at or have the provocative appeal of a raging wildfire or another act of God, but the knowledge in this report is crucial to understanding how to change, to adapt, to prevent and to prepare for future disasters. It's our duty to pay attention.

Schwarzenstupid … I agree that it is our duty to pay attention and to learn how to adapt to nature’s variable influence, be it hot or cold. You do realize that all of the projections are speaking about a temperature rise of about 3-degrees Celsius, well within the coping mechanisms of man when you consider desert and ice-dwelling peoples of the Earth?

Bottom line …

The worst disaster that can befall California and the nation is related to corrupt and incompetent politicians such as yourself. Politicians who are trying to exploit “junk science” for their personal benefit much as the international socialists falsely exploited the environmental impact of DDT – and in the processed killed millions of people and caused immeasurable grief to the those who were forced to suffer when the answer was right in front of their face.

People die naturally as a result of climate-related disasters; mostly killed by bad zoning policies which increase the density of housing in environmentally sensitive zones. One might ask, why the hell do you have major high rises built near an Earthquake fault? Because you are gambling that the fault is inactive and a quake unlikely. So tell me Schwarzenstupid, how are you going to control Earthquakes any more than you plan to control global weather.

Pay attention you moron … the Earth has been hotter, colder, with more atmospheric carbon dioxide and less carbon dioxide before man was a significant factor. You can not engineer a solution that ignores the true drivers of global climate: the energy output of the Sun; the Earth’s position relative to the Sun; the Earth’s rotational dynamics; volcanoes and plate tectonics; deep ocean currents, and the largest greenhouse gas of all, water vapor – which does not even appear in many of the flawed models used to produce this tripe.

So go on, exploit your tax-exempt foundation to pay your expenses while you fly around the world – perhaps the Third World nations will still consider you a hero movie star instead of the fraud you really are. Thanks for screwing up California with your liberal bullshit; pretending you were a conservative businessman with solutions to our dramatic fiscal and social problems. Truth-be-told, you outdid your predecessor Gray Davis in every way: fundraising, pandering to the special interests and liberal ideology. At least, he never shortened the prison sentence of  the thug son of a corrupt politician for past and future political favors.


-- steve

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Article Source: Global warming can melt California's economy - latimes.com

Federal Advisory Committee Draft Climate Assessment Report Released for Public Review

A 60-person Federal Advisory Committee (The "National Climate Assessment and Development Advisory Committee" or NCADAC) has overseen the development of this draft climate report.

The NCADAC, whose members are available here (and in the report), was established under the Department of Commerce in December 2010 and is supported through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). It is a federal advisory committee established as per the Federal Advisory Committee Act of 1972. The Committee serves to oversee the activities of the National Climate Assessment. Its members are diverse in background, expertise, geography and sector of employment. A formal record of the committee can be found at the NOAA NCADAC website.

The NCADAC has engaged more than 240 authors in the creation of the report. The authors are acknowledged at the beginning of the chapters they co-authored.

Download the Full Report

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