RINO Marco Rubio sells out America for personal political gain ...

Marco Rubio, aisle hopping liberal …

After listening to Senator Marco Rubio speak over the past year, I had come to believe he was an honest and sincere man who understood the dynamics of America and that his well-intentioned wish was to bring sanity and common sense back to the Republican Party – and if elected, the nation.

But, now I am convinced Marco Rubio is a Cuban version of the aisle-hopping Senator John McCain and his bosom buddy, Lindsey Graham. Convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt after his appearance on Fox News Sunday with Mike Wallace.

Here, in his own words, the aisle-hopping Rubio gets tough on immigration, stating, in essence, that if Homeland Defense did not meet certain border metrics, there would be hell to pay – in the form of another government commission. Five years to time, taxpayer money, and the penalty for “non performance” of your sworn duty to protect the Constitutional sovereignty of America is ANOTHER GOVERNMENT COMMISSION! This is not only unconscionable – but marks Rubio as just another aisle-hopping RINO (Republican In Name Only) unfit to lead the Republicans or assume the Office of the Presidency.

Here is the transcript of his appearance which should sound the death knell for his candidacy for the highest office in the land …

WALLACE: And hello again from Fox News in Washington.

The so-called "Gang of 8," four Republican senators and four Democrats, releases its plan this week for a comprehensive immigration reform. At stake, border security, the status of immigrants in the country illegally and votes of millions of Hispanics. And not surprisingly, it's already drawing heated criticism.

Joining us now, one of the architects of the plan, Senator Marco Rubio, who is in Coral Gables, Florida.

Senator, welcome back to "Fox News Sunday."

SEN. MARCO RUBIO, R-FLA.: Good morning. Good to be back. Thank you.

WALLACE: The "Gang of 8" plan has a tough border enforcement component, 90 percent rate apprehension, 100 percent surveillance. How far are we from that now on our Southwest border?

RUBIO: Well, in some regions -- it's important to understand, there is no one border. The border is broken into nine different sectors. And in some sectors, that's probably being achieved today for different measures. But in others, it's not. At least three bor -- three sectors are far from that number. And that's what the number needs to come up to.

And as our plan is going to outline, if, in fact, it fails to reach out metric, then the homeland security will lose control of this issue and it will actually be turned over to a border commission made up of local officials from those states most impacted. They will have money set aside so they can solve it for those people themselves. So, we're confident it's achievable. It will take time.

But it also -- it's not just border security. You have to think about -- E-Verify is part of this bill, a universal E-Verify. That's a critical component of this as well, as the entry/exit tracking system, because 40 percent of illegal immigrants are people that came legally and they overstayed and we're going to deal with that issue as well. You have all three work together and all three have to happen.

WALLACE: All right. Let's go back to the border, though, just as an example. You say it's a trigger, the number, 90 percent apprehension rate has to be certified by the Department of Homeland Security before the 11 million illegals, a decade from now, can begin to apply for green cards.

But the Democrats on your "Gang of 8", including Dick Durbin, who will be on in the next segment, saying, no, it's not a trigger. It's just a goal that they have to be working towards.

Now, is it a trigger that has to be met or is it a goal?

RUBIO: Yes. Let me tell you why it's a trigger because, basically, homeland security will have five years to meet that goal. If after five years, Homeland Security has not met that number, it will trigger the Border Commission who will then take over this issue for them. So, they'll have five years to get it done. They have to create these two plans -- a fence plan, there has to be a fence component to this, and a border security plan.

And if at the five-year mark, they have not achieved that 90 percent or 100 percent, then they lose the issue to the Border Commission who has money set aside so they can finish the job and they can get to that number.

And then, of course, understand that it also includes as part of the trigger, E-Verify, universal, and entry/exit. All three things have to happen, and they all three work together to ensure that this is the most effective enforcement system that this country has ever had, if we can get it done. <To read the full transcript, in context, click here>

There you have it folks, in his own words – more political folderol when it comes to the safety and security of the American people. If Homeland Security does not meet its goal of a 90% apprehension rate, Oh My God, the job will be turned over to another government commission comprised of state representatives. Assuming, of course, that the Department of Homeland Defense does not cook the books and fudge the numbers.

Bottom line …

Marco Rubio is not the man nor the politician I want to lead the Republican Party. While he speaks “conservative” like Rand Paul, both appear to be unsuitable for this nation’s highest office. What the American people must understand about RINOs like McCain, Graham, and now Rubio, is that they do not deter the democrat party from its socialist ambitions and agenda – they merely slow it down. The progressive, liberal, democrat, socialists, communists (or whatever else you would care to label them) – still win in the end. It only takes a little longer. They win and America loses.

What the “hispandering” republicans do not seem to understand is that our nation is at stake from an unannounced and gradual takeover by people with allegiance to a sovereign foreign power.  We can no longer afford to have RINOs lead the nation. The idea that we need to hold our nose and go with a candidate that can win – even if it means losing a portion of our freedom and the character of America – is bullpucky sold by the republican party.

In my not so humble opinion, it will be social issues – not economic ones – that will sink the Republican Party. By concentrating on controlling religious-based women’s rights and other social issues instead of focusing on the economy and restoring America’s strength, the republicans lose, but more importantly, America loses. Especially to a corrupt, lying politician such as Hillary Clinton – one who is guaranteed to carry on Obama’s march to a social democratic republic. To the delight of international socialism who needs our money to shore up their failed nation-states – and to our enemies who do not wish us well and seek to see us weaker and vulnerable to extortion.

Screw Marco Rubio!

-- steve

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