Holding the Democrats responsible for a nuclear North Korea: Why Hillary Clinton should not be the President!

Progressives Attempting to Inoculate Hillary Against Scandal, Incompetence and Lying Using the "It Doesn't Matter" Strategy

Following up on her infamous Benghazi statement “What difference does it make?”

In the days after the 9/11 Benghazi attack, the President of the United States, Barack Obama, the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and other progressives like U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice lied to the American public about the motivation of the attack and significant details of the attack.

  • We know that the attack was not provoked by a protest to a little-seen video trailer.
  • We know that the attacked facility was not a consulate.
  • We know that there was minimal protection of the facility by order of the State Department.
  • We know that this facility was part of a CIA/State Department arms trafficking scheme.
  • We know that officials who knew the truth lied to the American public and Hillary
  • Clinton arranged her schedule to avoid being responsive to serious questions posed by Congress.

We also know that the Obama/Clinton foreign policy was and is a disaster, with bad actors exploiting perceived weaknesses in our leadership, military status and the will of certain progressive segments of the American people, to challenge the United States on several fronts – all with adverse consequences to America and her military. Just the mere fact that our leadership announced a withdrawal date from key conflict areas provided aid and comfort to our enemies who need only wait us out to return to power over the region.

We also know that billions of dollars have been misspent or have gone unaccountably missing. That certain special interests reaped significant profits while men and women were being killed and maimed due to “rules of engagement” politically favorable to the host nation and, in turn, our enemies.

We know that Hillary Clinton was involved in a number of scandals involving the Clinton White House and that she has never been held fully to account for his misdeeds.

So why should it not surprise us that certain key progressives are already shouting “OLD NEWS – It doesn’t really matter – and planning for the obligatory white-washing book that distorts the truth for Hillary Clinton’s political future …

Hillary Derangement Syndrome by Michael Tomasky -- Are Republicans really going to try to damage Hillary Clinton by digging up old non-scandals no one even remembers? They’ll do damage, all right, says Michael Tomasky, but not to Clinton.

Do any conservatives really believe that if Hillary Clinton does run for president, Americans will care a bit about the old stories from the 1990s? Two commentators I respect seem to think so. My colleague David Frum, in a column about Clinton’s 2016 chances that elsewhere makes several thoughtful points, seems to believe that the old Clinton White House issues could rise again. MSNBC analyst Jimmy Williams, across from whom I sat on the sound stage Monday, invoked Filegate and something else. Conservatives have spent two decades trying to destroy Clinton. They’ve only helped make her the most popular woman in America. And if they keep at it, they’re going to help make her president.

If you are old enough to think back, please do so now with me. Part the mists of time. I feel like that first ghost taking Scrooge back to when he was the vital young man who’d been completely buried. Remember the Rose Law Firm? Remember the alleged billing scandals? And then the supposed commodities trading scandal? That was a great one.

Just mentioning these nothings feels like opening a door to a section of the house that you haven’t been using for the last 20 years, since someone died, like Olivier in Rebecca. There are torn and frayed little pieces of furniture, draped in drop cloth, spider webs emanating from their corners. Whitewater was far and away the biggest of these utterly phony stories, consuming years and many millions of investigative taxpayer dollars and besotting initially even The New York Times (I bet the Times won’t get fooled again). And I would bet that if you asked Americans about it today, no more than 20 percent would have the foggiest idea what it was. No, check that. It would be 33 percent. The same, reliable 33 percent who say Barack Obama was created in a laboratory in socialist Zimbabwe.

Those days and those Clinton stories—Vince Foster, the travel office, all of those ridiculous accusations—were the ones on which the modern right-wing agitprop machine made its bones. Read the rest of the story at Hillary Derangement Syndrome - The Daily Beast

 Excuse me? Did the White House not have a specific and dedicated group of people assigned to handle Bill Clinton’s “Bimbo Eruptions” where he was credibly charged with rape until the gang viciously attacked the accuser and memorializing the term “politics of personal destruction?

But it was much more than sex that was uncovered. How about the executive branch involvement in selling critical warhead targeting information to the Chinese? Remember Loral? Remember all of the corruption involving illegal foreign money flowing into the campaigns?

And, even now, remember how Bill Clinton’s Foundation was given a pass on reporting requirements even though Hillary could benefit from its global activities. Has anyone ever investigated the Saudi money, the Chinese money and all of the other money flowing into its coffers – knowing that there was significant access and  influence in the democrat party residing within those who were affiliated with the foundation?

Bottom line …

We do not need another historic president, especially one with a history of corruption, incompetence and socialist ideology. Unlike the historic President Obama experiment that saw someone unqualified by both background (openly associating with domestic terrorists, socialists, communists, and felons) and experience (none to speak of), Hillary Clinton does have a record. And one that indicates America is willing to continue Obama’s socialist policies, including cronyism and corruption.

And we certainly do not need democrats who have single-handedly crafted healthcare and environmental policies detrimental to the American public without any input from the opposition. And, likewise, we do not need aisle-hopping republicans without the brass balls to stand up and call out the opposition for corruption, incompetence and anti-America socialistic policies.

The democrats have corrupt and incompetent leadership… but the bad news is that the republicans have corrupt and incompetent leadership also. I am afraid that we are heading towards regional conflict in the Middle East and North Korea … and that the current leadership may provoke “wag the dog” conflict to consolidate power and influence the 2014 congressional and 2016 presidential elections.

We are screwed big time unless things radically change. Notice I said change as reform would only slap a bandage on an already corrupt and broken system.

-- steve

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