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California legislation often 'sponsored' -- or even written -- by interest groups

At first glance, the role interest groups play in crafting laws in California seems easy to spot. Unlike in many states, legislative analyses list "sponsors" for many bills, indicating that a lobbyist suggested – perhaps even wrote – and martialed forces for the measure. But a Bee review of sponsored bills found that the forces behind legislation are often masked, leaving the public in the dark about the interests driving the creation of some new laws.

No rule requires disclosing when a bill is sponsored. Legislative committees are inconsistent about listing sponsors in legislative reports. Lobbyists and lawmakers decide privately whether to highlight or hide an interest group's involvement.

"If the firefighters or the nurses or small-business owners support your bill, then you trumpet that support," said Dan Schnur, director of the Unruh Institute of Politics at the University of Southern California. "If it's tobacco companies, probably less so."

The Bee worked with Capitol Track, a company that monitors legislation, to assess how pervasive sponsorship is in California's Legislature. The organizations analyzed data from the 2011-12 legislative session – the most recent completed session – and found that 27 percent of the roughly 4,800 bills introduced list a sponsoring interest group.

In the Democrat-controlled Legislature, labor unions and liberal public interest groups, such as those that advocate for the poor, civil liberties, gay rights or animal welfare, are most commonly identified as bill sponsors. Local governments, state agencies and trade associations also appear frequently.

SEIU was listed in legislative records as sponsoring two dozen bills last session, more than any other interest group. They included measures to take away fingerprinting requirements for recipients of in-home care and a resolution creating a special day honoring "justice for janitors."  Read more at: California legislation often 'sponsored' -- or even written -- by interest groups - State Politics - The Sacramento Bee

Bottom line …

So what do you do, or better, what can you do, when a socialist/communist-affiliated union is writing legislation to grant themselves more power? Power to threaten and corrupt politicians? Power to increase their membership? Power to increase their funding for radical political activities and the support of illegal aliens? Power to insure the state treasury is plundered by rewarding seniority over merit, the status quo over innovation, mandating the use of multiple people when a single person could perform the job adequately, and enforcing their agenda using thuggery and coercion?

Our enemies, especially here in California, are using our own laws against us. And, the people are too stupid or too apathetic to see that they have decimated our formerly golden state with their toxic political agenda leading to international socialism. Our politicians are corrupt – either self-serving crooks or ambitious political ideologues. Even one of the most conservative politicians is a corrupt liar – residing in Sacramento while using his parent’s home in his district to establish his residency – and stocking up on Indian gaming contributions in return for “special” legislative breaks.

Beyond disappointing, this political climate is a clear and present danger to the future of California and the nation itself.

Time to clean house. Time to reassess your participation in the system, to research and study the politicians and the causes they support. Time to get involved in the process – if for no other reason than to prevent the voting activists from using slim voting margins to impose the will of the minority on the majority of citizens. I am not telling you how to vote – only to insure that you are voting for relatively honest politicians who are not owned by the special interests. Perhaps voting for your neighbor instead of a professional politician.

-- steve

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