Political Corruption: Who is writing the actual language of the legislation in lawyerese?

NPR liberal admits that they are not covering Obama's origins even though 51% of a study questioned Obama's version of the truth ...

I still ask the same questions of anyone who believes in the rule of law …

If this matter was easily and quickly resolved in a few minutes by letting an unbiased judge in a court of competent jurisdiction see the actual birth certificate in situ (in the vault or on microfilm) along with the others of this era, why has Obama and his supporters spent millions of dollars to stifle any official inquiry?

I personally have verified that the long-form birth certificate posted on the White House site does not appear as if it were simply scanned into the system as a picture – but appears to be a composite of easily separable parts using Adobe Acrobat Pro Version 10.

It appears that others have found a number of discrepancies with Obama’s documentation – including the recent revelation that Obama’s nominating documents were forged …

A second person has admitted guilt in the ballot petition case involving Butch Morgan and other former county Democratic Party members.

Pam Brunette pleaded guilty Tuesday to one count of Class C felony forgery, one count of Class D felony official misconduct and one count of Class D felony falsifying a petition. Three additional counts were dismissed. The former Democratic head of Voter Registration faces between two and eight years for the Class C felony and six months to three years for each Class D felony.

Brunette is the second person in the past two weeks to admit guilt in the case, which also involves former longtime county Democratic Party Chair Butch Morgan and former party member Dustin Blythe. Bev Shelton pleaded guilty to one count of forgery and one count of falsifying a petition on March 28 as part of a plea agreement under which she has agreed to testify in the upcoming case against Morgan and Blythe. Shelton, who worked under Brunette in Voter Registration, will be sentenced at the same time as her former boss.

The four defendants were charged in January following a joint investigation by The Tribune and Howey Politics Indiana into alleged fraud involving petitions to place Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on the state primary ballot in 2008. Appearing before Senior Judge William Albright, Brunette admitted Tuesday to knowing that party members had been asked to forge signatures on the Clinton and Obama petitions and, also, to certifying petitions that she knew to be false. <Source> .

Whether or not Obama would have lost the election if he had lost the state is moot. But, it does raise serious questions. Are these democrats like others who might have falsely certified Obama’s eligibility for office because of representations by high-ranking democrat party officials?

Listen to the NPR recording for yourself …

Bottom line …

It is one thing for party officials and the mainstream media to denigrate and demonize those who ask Constitutional questions about Obama’s eligibility for office. Until now, Obama and his fellow travelers refuse to answer the questions directly and honestly. Preferring to hide behind a phalanx of lawyers who claim that petitioners either lack standing to bring a grievance before the court or that the court cannot impose a remedy without violating the separation of powers clause. Both are bogus claims: one, because every American citizen – and especially soldiers – have been disadvantaged by Obama’s actions and can show provable damage; and two, the Court needs to conduct the fact finding and submit its verdict to Congress.

Obama is the only President in modern history where so much of his background has been concealed. If the FBI knows, they are not speaking. If American intelligence knows, they are not speaking. If the Commissioners of Social Security and the Draft Board know, they are not speaking. All afraid of the consequences of bringing down a sitting president and the possibility of physical harm.

Time to find out one way or another. If Obama is ineligible, impeach him, try him and exile him. Roll-back all budgets and public policies until they are scrutinized by Congress and the Judiciary and are re-formulated.

As my best friend Al says, “Nobody gives a damn. Nothing will happen.” But, there is always hope. 

-- steve

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