Dissecting a liberal propaganda hit piece on the "right wing cult machine"
Priorities: With millions of illegal aliens, potential terrorists, and citizenship tourism, ICE is raiding smartphone repair shops?

Many a truth is spoken in jest ...


Trying to explain why the Russian alert on the Boston Marathon Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev was not acted upon promptly has become an embarrassment to the Department of Homeland Security when they were forced to tell the truth … after adding all of the members of the National Rifle Association, the Tea Party, and the Christian Militia, there wasn’t any room in the database for a suspected Muslim terrorist without a costly hardware upgrade.

Congress is considering calling Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Florida Senator Marco Rubio to a classified debriefing. Napolitano will be asked why the older brother Tamerlan Tsarnev was allowed to return home for six months after receiving political asylum. Rubio will be called to task because there is no provision for Cuban terrorist immigration from Guantanamo.

Few people know that President Obama’s visit to the opening of the Bush Library was a covert affair. It appears Obama apologized profusely to Bush in private for all of the things he previously condemned him for. Pleading to let bygones be bygones, Obama beseeched Bush to give him the never used Syrian invasion plans that are among the 200 million records in the library.

It really wasn’t the travel industry, travelers, or the slowdown in tourism that convinced the government to bring back the furloughed air traffic controllers. It seems, members of both Congress and the Obama Administration were worried that they could continue to hide their own travel plans with less traffic in the air.


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