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Is the fix in? Hillary Clinton's book advance said to be $14 Million

There is little doubt in my mind that Hillary Clinton’s term as the Secretary of State was marked with foreign policy failure and failure. She was constantly traveling with little or nothing of substance to show for her international “listening” tour. She has openly lied to the American public about the 9/11 attack on Benghazi on her watch. She has dissembled when confronted with questions from Congress. She has a past history of scandal. So, considering that Simon & Schuster are not publishing a travelogue – and Hillary Clinton is no Stephen King or even a Bill Clinton, why would they pay her $14 million upfront for what will be probably be a white-washed and sanitized account of her “accomplishments: to be published in time for the 2016 presidential race?

Could it be a sophisticated form of money laundering knowing that campaign funds are likely to be used to purchase large quantities of the Hillary Book? Could it be a sophisticated way to pay initial campaign expenses in return for future influence? Or is a simple matter of providing verifiable income so that no one questions the foreign money coming into her campaign as they might be buying large quantities of books and not providing direct campaign funds?

Why would anyone want this book?

Hillary Clinton’s book advance hovers at $14M

The buzz is that Hillary Rodham Clinton’s new book will net her an advance in the range of $14 million. The New York Post said industry speculation is that her upcoming book that publisher Simon & Schuster describes as her “key decisions and experiences as Secretary of State” will far surpass the $8 million for her most recent book — and rival her husband’s advance for his “My Life.” For that memoir, Bill Clinton received $15 million, The Post reported.

Mrs. Clinton has published four other books. But it’s this one — due for release just as the next presidential campaigns will start organizing — that has many politicos speculating that this is step one toward the White House for her. She will be embarking on a national book tour in sync with the political season, just as presidential hopefuls are strategizing and clamoring for media attention, The Post said. Source: Hillary Clinton's book advance hovers at $14M - Washington Times.

Bottom line …

Something stinks about her book and her candidacy for the President of the United States. It’s time for the Republicans to start changing the hearts and minds of the public because they certainly are not going to change the minds of a left-biased media.

-- steve

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