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Holding the Democrats responsible for a nuclear North Korea: Why Hillary Clinton should not be the President!

There is little or no doubt in my mind that the progressive democrat Bill Clinton, whose administration allowed sensitive missile guidance technology to leak into China, was directly responsible for not preventing North Korea from developing a nuclear weapon (with help from Pakistani nuclear scientist A.Q. Kahn) and long-range missile technology. The strength of character to demand verifiable information was lacking.

Bad intelligence …

Clinton Administration (1995) National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) 95-19, Emerging Missile Threats to North America During the Next 15 Years. "No country, other than the major declared nuclear powers, will develop or otherwise acquire a ballistic missile in the next 15 years that could threaten the contiguous 48 states or Canada." The NIE was subject to official scrutiny and was found to be wanting in several areas. <Source>

Administration lies …

"In the spring of 1997 senior Clinton administration policymakers were alerted that the North Korean nuclear weapons program was not frozen;· said a government official who was angered by the fact that Congress had been kept in the dark. and Madeleine Albright lied to the Senate about it." On July8,1998, before the Senate Finance Committee, Albright testified that the nuclear accord has "frozen North Korea's dangerous nuclear weapons program."

But that was not all; she had fed this line to Congress several times previously. As far back as February 12, 1997, Albright had said this to the House Appropriations Committee: "The Framework Agreement is one of the best things the administration has done because it stopped a nuclear weapons program in North Korea.  <Source>

Long Range Missile Test with no effective government response …

On Aug. 31, 1998, North Korea launched a three-stage Taepo Dong-1 rocket, with a range of 1,500-2,000 kilometers, over Japan, landing off the Alaska coast.

Suspicions of nuclear activity …

During a 1999 Senate Committee on Foreign Relations hearing, Albright made a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it admission that things weren’t rosy in Agreed-Framework-land: “We are also engaged in direct talks with North Korea on ways to resolve concerns regarding suspicious underground construction activities and long-range missile programs.”

In 2000, mounting evidence at the underground Kumchang-ri site forced the Clinton Administration to actually confront the possibility that their Agreed Framework was, well, a load of poppycock. They asked Kim Jong Il to allow inspections. Kim refused. So Clinton sent him 600,000 tons of grain.

In June 2000, the Japanese and Chinese were able to confirm reports of another underground uranium processing plant in Choma, about 17 miles away from Kumchang-ri. <Source>

October 17, 2002: Confirmation of the nuclear lie …

Korea Discloses Secret Nuclear Arms Program -- The Communist regime tells visiting U.S. diplomats that it has not abandoned its pursuit of such weapons, in violation of a 1994 pact.

North Korea has admitted to pursuing a secret nuclear weapons program using enriched uranium in violation of its 1994 pledge to freeze its nuclear program, senior U.S. officials said Wednesday. A visiting delegation of American diplomats confronted North Korean officials with evidence two weeks ago. The North Koreans initially denied the accusations, but to the diplomats' amazement, a senior official later acknowledged that the Communist nation was pursuing the nuclear weapons program "and more." He would not specify what "more" meant, administration officials said. <Source>

September 12, 2004: Spinning the truth to white-wash the Clinton Administration …

MR. RUSSERT:  But didn't North Korea develop a nuclear bomb on Bill Clinton's watch?

MS. ALBRIGHT:  No, what they were doing, as it turns out, they were cheating. And the reason that you have arms control agreements is you don't make them with your friends, you make them with your enemies.  And it's the process that is required to hold countries accountable.  The worst part that has happened under the agreed framework, there was these fuel rods, and the nuclear program was frozen.  Those fuel rods have now been reprocessed, as far as we know, and North Korea has a capability, which at one time might have been two potential nuclear weapons, up to six to eight now, we're not really clear.  But in this period of time when there has not enough action been taken, I think that the threat from North Korea has increased.

MR. RUSSERT:  And it is now an imminent threat?

MS. ALBRIGHT:  Well, I think it's a very dangerous threat, and I also think they get the wrong message out of Iraq.  You know, we invade countries that don't have nuclear weapons and we don't invade those that do.  We didn't invade the Soviet Union and China, so why not build up nuclear weapons as quickly as possible?

MR. RUSSERT:  Madam Secretary, we thank you for your views. <Source>

Bottom line …

There is little doubt in my mind that Bill Clinton (January 20, 1993 – January 20, 2001) could have taken stronger action against North Korea if he weren’t so preoccupied with sex and fighting to keep his increasingly corrupt Administration under control. Similarly, another democrat, President Barack Obama appears to be engaged in pursuing his radical socialist ideology and conveying favor to the Muslim world, hence his failure to stem North Korea’s increasing belligerent tone. As for Hillary Clinton, she was an inept and ineffective Secretary of State who failed both those under her direction and her Nation by doing little more than traveling and going along to get along. Perhaps making deals for her and her husband’s future activities.

Like democrat Jimmy Carter, whose administration provided the foundations for Iranian Islamic terrorism, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama did little or nothing to advance the interests of America, while pursuing their own agendas. Unlike, Carter and Clinton, Obama has taken one step beyond the pale into radical socialism and an anti-America posture that sees the United States as just another unexceptional nation among the many that exist in the international community.

To allow Hillary Clinton to leverage her corrupt incompetence into extending the Obama era would not only be foolhardy, but disastrous. In essence, the possibility of reaching the tipping point where civil disobedience, discord – and possible civil war – would be necessary to return the government back to the people it seeks to disenfranchise and enslave with radical socialist totalitarianism.

-- steve

P.S. And, I am not convinced that the republicans now have the leadership which would significantly alter the current course of progress towards socialism.

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