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Listening to Hillary Clinton being described as the “most extraordinary woman in the world” and the “preeminent presidential candidate in 2016” makes me wonder if the democrats and the progressives, socialists and communists are delusional, believe their own bullpucky, or simply blind to the fact that absent her corrupt stint in the White House, she would be another unexceptional radical leftist/feminist professor in a well-endowed university.

A record of corruption and incompetence …

People says that she has overcome the stigma of her involvement in the various White House scandals and the fact that, for a time, she was the most polarizing person in the world. Me, I am not sure of their assertion, believing that her past record, her associations with radicals, her demonstrated incompetence, and her willingness to lie makes her a clear and present danger to this nation. A person who stood before the international community and the American public and openly repeated falsity after falsity when it came to the 9/11 attack on Benghazi. A person who is given credit for running the State Department, a gaggle of over-educated, effete, Ivy Leaguers who believe that global foreign policy is a tit-for-tat game – that is when they are not attending their cocktail parties between telling each other various versions of the truth during their briefings. One should consider her background, steeped in socialism, and the fact that radical feminism is nothing more than a Marxist ploy to weaken American by promoting lower birth rates and discord among the sexes.

Pandering to women …

Now we see Hillary Clinton pandering to women … using the democrat’s main strategy of balkanizing various constituencies, enhancing their victimhood and then promising redress of their grievances if only they vote democrat. But, anyone with a modicum of awareness can see how this plays out in the real world. With the democrat-controlled inner cities being plagued by crime, disease, unemployment and decaying infrastructure in light of all the legislation and billions of taxpayer dollars spend in the war on poverty. This in addition to unconstitutional affirmative action legislation aimed at the poor, minorities and women – purportedly to redress historical abuse, but-in-fact, to buy their votes. To believe that any demographic group or class of Americans should receive unequal treatment (for any reason) under the law is not only unconstitutional, it is immoral and unjust.

Here is an example of Hillary’s pandering at the Women in the World Summit …  

Hillary Clinton: Helping Women Isn’t Just a ‘Nice’ Thing to Do

Now this is unfinished around the world, where too many women are still treated at best as second-class citizens, at worst as some kind of subhuman species. Those of you who were there last night saw that remarkable film that interviewed men primarily in Pakistan, talking very honestly about their intention to continue to control the women in their lives and their reach. But the business is still unfinished here at home in the United States, we have come so far together but there’s still work to be done.

Notice how quickly Clinton moved from the actual mistreatment of women in the male-dominated Muslim theocracies where repressive policies have been codified as religious commandments and are not likely to change in the next two hundred years without a major religious reformation that will be drenched in blood to the perceived problems in the United States. Disingenuously conflating a repressive religion with conditions in America. Coincidently, Clinton fails to mention that this particular segment of the world population wants to kill you or enslave you for their own benefit. How many people know that the Marine Hymn (From the Halls of Montezuma, To the shores of Tripoli) immortalizes the actions of the United States Marine Corps’ fight against Muslim pirates who believed their religion gave them the right to seize both cargo from passing infidel merchant ships and either kill or enslave their crew?  

Now, I have always believed that women are not victims, we are agents of change, we are drivers of progress, we are makers of peace—all we need is a fighting chance.

I look forward to being your partner in all the days and years ahead.

Pure leftist rhetoric, used by community organizers well-steeped in Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals – not so coincidently Hillary Clinton’s thesis topic at Wellesley College (Class of 1969) –  “There Is Only the Fight...’: An Analysis of the Alinsky Model."

But fighting to give women and girls a fighting chance isn’t a nice thing to-do. It isn’t some luxury that we get to when we have time on our hands to spend. This is a core imperative for every human being in every society. If we do not continue the campaign for women’s rights and opportunities, the world we want to live, the country we all love and cherish, will not be what it should be.

It is no coincidence that so many of the countries that threaten regional and global peace are the very places where women and girls are deprived of dignity and opportunity. Think of the young women from northern Mali to Afghanistan whose schools have been destroyed. Or of the girls across Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia who have been condemned to child marriage. Or of the refugees of the conflicts from eastern Congo to Syria who endure rape and deprivation as a weapon of war.

It is no coincidence that so many of the countries where the rule of law and democracy are struggling to take root are the same places where women and girls cannot participate as full and equal citizens. Like in Egypt, where women stood on the front lines of the revolution but are now being denied their seats at the table and face a rising tide of sexual violence.

It is no coincidence that so many of the countries making the leap from poverty to prosperity are places now grappling with how to empower women. I think it is one of the unanswered questions of the rest of this century to whether countries, like China and India, can sustain their growth and emerge as true global economic powers. Much of that depends on what happens to women and girls.

None of these are coincidences. Instead, they demonstrate—and your presence here confirms—that we are meeting at a remarkable moment of confluence.

Because in countries and communities across the globe where for generations violence against women has gone unchecked, opportunity and dignity virtually unknown, there is a powerful new current of grassroots activism stirring, galvanized by events too outrageous to ignore and enabled by new technologies that give women and girls voices like never before. That’s why we need to seize this moment. But we need to be thoughtful and smart and savvy about what this moment really offers to us.

See how slickly Clinton exploits other cultures and other places … while fundraising and urging action at home as if we are somehow part of the fight for human rights in the far reaches of the globe. If Hillary Clinton was so concerned about human rights, one would expect that, as the Secretary of State, she would have lectured Islamicists on their own ground, demanded their leaders become agents of change. And yet, she did not of this. She would rather condemn others at a distance – engaging in fundraising and an outreach that consists of little more than her infamous “listening tours” as if that could change decades of religious thought in a theocratic nation.

Here in the United States, American women went from holding 37 percent of all jobs forty years ago to nearly 48 percent today. And the productivity gains attributable to this increase account for more than $3.5 trillion in GDP growth over those four decades. Similarly, fast-growing Asian economies could boost their per capita incomes by as much as 14 percent by 2020 if they brought more women into the workforce.

Laws and traditions that hold back women, hold back entire societies, creating more opportunities for women and girls will grow economies and spread prosperity. When I first began talking about this using rape data from the World Bank and private sector analyses there were doubters who couldn’t quite put the pieces together. But that debate is over. Opening the doors to one’s economy for woman will make a difference.

One of the flaws of Marxist thinking is concentrating on proportionalism as a redress to society’s ills rather than demanding competence and excellence. Progressives believing that state institutions should mirror the proportions of people found in society. A statistical viewpoint which has produced a large number of incompetent “affirmative action” employees that are part of the downward spiral of America into the land of the unexceptional third world nations. If gays make up ten percent of the population, does that demand that ten percent of actors should be gay. For those who believe that this is nonsensical, might I point to legislation regarding “disparate impact,” where any aggrieved group can bring an action for discrimination based on the statistics and nothing else. Thus, turning the traditional legal tenet “innocent until proven guilty” on its head and forcing institutions to prove they are innocent because the disparate impact rule says they are statistically guilty.

Now, I want to conclude where I began, with the unfinished business we face here at home. The challenges and opportunities I’ve outlined today are not just for the people of the developing world. America must face this too if we want to continue leading the world.

Traveling the globe these last four years reaffirmed and deepened my pride in our country and the ideals we represent. But it also challenged me to think about who we are and the values we are supposed to be living here at home in order to represent abroad After all, our global leadership for peace and prosperity, for freedom and equality, is not a birthright. It must be earned by every generation.

All of a sudden she has decided to deviate from President Obama’s message of unexceptionalism. Apologizing for our history and the actions we have taken in the past. Who we are and the values we support are self-evident and found in our Constitution. We may not be a “perfect” nation, but you do not see masses of people fighting to leave America for another “land of opportunity.” We can improve. We will improve. But, not under the democrats who are compromising our Constitution and moving us closer to tyranny. Attempting to disarm the public, less their be an armed rebellion to redress governmental tyranny as foreseen by our Founding Fathers. This is the Hillary Clinton who did not stand up and explain to the world how America is a land of freedom, where people can say and do outrageous things without incurring the death penalty or being publicly maimed. No, she apologized to the very group she abhors, radical Islamic militants, for a movie trailer few had seen and which was exploited for political purposes by dishonest and disingenuous democrats such as herself.

And yes, we now have American women at high levels of business, academia, and government—you name it. But, as we’ve seen in recent months, we’re still asking age-old questions about how to make women’s way in male-dominated fields, how to balance the demands of work and family. The Economist magazine recently published what it called a “glass-ceiling index” ranking countries based on factors like opportunities for women in the workplace and equal pay. The United States was not even in the top 10. Worse, recent studies have found that, on average, women live shorter lives in America than in any other major industrialized country.

Here comes the political pitch for a “nanny state” dominated by government …

Think about it for a minute. We are the richest and most powerful country in the world. Yet many American women today are living shorter lives than their mothers, especially those with the least education. That is a historic reversal that rivals the decline in life expectancy for Russian men after the disintegration of the Soviet Union.

Now there is no single explanation for why this is happening. Prescription drug overdoses have spiked: obesity, smoking, lack of health insurance, intractable poverty. But the fact is that for too many American women, opportunity and the dream of upward mobility—the American Dream— remains elusive.

If only Hillary Clinton were honest …

If Clinton were an honest agent of change, she would be pointing out the poor mothers should not be having children they cannot afford. Pointing out that bearing children to increase one’s social benefits is dishonest and puts another generation at risk for poverty. Pointing out that democrat-dominated unions are responsible for putting hundreds of millions of dollars into political campaigns while local schools are decaying and failing to fire incompetent teachers who are little more than babysitters. Does Hillary Clinton’s concept of women’s rights include the right to abort babies on demand as a form of birth control? Does Hillary Clinton’s concept of woman’s rights include not being afraid of criminal or social gangs? If so, she certainly is keeping quite about it.

So, we have work to do. Renewing America’s vitality at home and strengthening our leadership abroad will take the energy and talents of all our people, women and men. If America is going to lead, we need to learn from the women of the world who have blazed new paths and developed new solutions, on everything from economic development to education to environmental protection.

No Hillary, we do not have to learn from the women of the world, we need to learn from the competent people of the world, the doers, the people who produce the goods and services; not the people who demand more and more of the producer’s time, effort and money which the non-productive takers believe they are somehow entitled. I am all for charity and taking care of the less fortunate. But not by government fiat where a goodly portion of each dollars is lost in waste, fraud and abuse. I am not for any government charity that is used to purchase votes and political power; doing good for only a small segment of the population in swing states which can turn an election.

Endorsing corrupt, incompetent, world government …

If America is going to lead, we need to catch up with so much of the rest of the world and finally ratify the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Discrimination Against Women.

We do not need to follow the corrupt and incompetent United Nations; a cowardly institution where the preponderance of member nations are not democracies, where the institution has failed its primary mission of preventing ethnic cleansing and genocide and where misleading facts are published to secure media attention and funding. Where the Human Rights Council attempts to repress both Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech. Where the most despicable abusers of Human Rights are allowed to chair meetings on Human Rights.

If America is going to lead, we need to stand by the women of Afghanistan after our combat troops come home, we need to speak up for all the women working to realize the promise of the Arab Spring, and do more to save the lives of the hundreds of thousands of mothers who die every year during childbirth from preventable causes and so much more.

Bullpucky … we do not need to pump more time, effort, money and blood into mediating a civil war among warlords nor do we need to support those who are repressed by their own governments and religious leaders. We gave Afghanistan a chance at democracy, deposed a despotic regime and built-out infrastructure that was continually destroyed by religious zealots. They had their chance and it is now up to them to do the right thing for their citizens. And, we do not have to extend healthcare to the third world when their leaders misuse their natural resources for their own ends. We need to take care of our own citizens before we take care of others – and that includes illegal aliens.

But that’s not all.

Because if America is going to lead we expect ourselves to lead, we need to empower women here at home to participate fully in our economy and our society, we need to make equal pay a reality, we need to extending family and medical leave benefits to more workers and make them paid, we need to encourage more women and girls to pursue careers in math and science.

Women are already empowered and they do not need government monitors to put its big greasy thumb on the scale to redress historical wrongs. I work in data processing where women can rise to the top on talent alone. Start companies and achieve great things. Equal pay is demanding an outcome, not providing an opportunity. Many women are paid more than men in equivalent positions. It’s a matter of individual ability and motivation. Neither which is provided by any government. 

We need to invest in our people so they can live up to their own God-given potential.

That’s how America will lead in the world.

This is pure socialism. Our governments does not exist to invest in people, but to do those things specified in the United States Constitution. “Invest” is a democrat code word for taxes and wealth redistribution. Both of which are alien to American achievement and culture.

This truly is the unfinished business of the 21st century. And It is the work we are all called to do. I look forward to being to be your partner in all the days and years ahead. Lets keep fighting for opportunity and dignity, let’s keep fighting for freedom and equality, let's keep fighting for full participation.

And let's keep telling the world over and over again that yes, women’s rights are human rights and human rights are women’s rights once and for all.

Read the entire speech in context at Hillary Clinton: Helping Women Isn't Just a 'Nice' Thing to Do - The Daily Beast

By all means fight for what you believe in. But do not use the government tax its citizens and interfere with their lives to win your political battles.

Bottom line …

Progress and prosperity in America comes with education and hard work. It cannot be legislated by any politician any more than you can legislate morality. The prime theme of Hillary Clinton’s speech is two fold: first, there is the “donate to my campaign” and “send me to the seat of power” which is the traditional ploy used by democrats with balkanized victims; and second, there is the unkeepable promise Hillary Clinton, as the President of the United States, can actually effect cultural reforms without enlarging government, inserting government into every facet of your life, and reducing your current level of freedom.

To demonstrate the folly of Clinton’s position is to simply look at the Blacks and wonder why they are not succeeding at the same rate as even recent immigrants, especially with affirmative action and billions of dollars in supportive social programs? To believe that the corrupt democrats, a party based on money and power, really cares for average Americans is belied by their actions in office. They are about gaining and maintaining power, preferably in perpetuity. Advancing the cause of international socialism as a means to securing and increasing the power they have without having people point out that socialist and communist societies are failures, fiscally, socially and morally. And that some of the most repressive societies outside of the Muslim world are socialist and communist societies.

Hillary, in the final analysis, is just another democrat socialist who believes that she can con a large contingent of women into giving her the presidency, similar to the Blacks and liberal whites putting President Obama into the White House – not as the historic first Black president, but as the historic first affirmative action Black president. A presidency guided by secrecy, corruption, cronyism and incompetence. Would a Hillary Clinton presidency be any different? I think not.

In my opinion, a Hillary Clinton presidency would be an extension of radical democrat socialism and mark the inflection point where the United States ceases being an exceptional nation among nation and becomes susceptible to our enemies, both foreign and domestic.

-- steve 

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