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It appears that the government crowd has found another way to effectively hid corruption, malfeasance and wrongdoing from the public. While personnel records and individual actions against personnel are not normally available to the public, even in cases of public corruption, notices of apparent wrongdoing must be provided under various “open meeting laws.”

It appears that many government entities are now turning to private law firms to conduct “official” investigations rather than using the public infrastructure such as grand juries, district attorneys, or law enforcement. This way the records can be effectively kept from the public under “attorney-client” privilege.

The important question is how independent is the private attorney firm. Especially, since most firms have deep political connections within governmental entities and the judicial system. Because of the attorney-client privilege, the firm cannot turn over its findings to public prosecutors if wrongdoing is discovered. And, the response of most government agencies is to sweep the matter under the proverbial rug unless there is video evidence, intense public scrutiny, or persistent media attention. Pretty much leading to voluntary “retirements” and “medical leaves” that cost the public dearly in pension and benefit costs.

Bottom line …

While the use of private attorney firms to conduct sensitive personnel and corruption investigations is widespread in the corporate world, it is totally inappropriate in the public world – another red flag denoting the increasing corruption of politicians and governmental agencies.

-- steve

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