NPR liberal admits that they are not covering Obama's origins even though 51% of a study questioned Obama's version of the truth ...
All Star Celebrity Apprentice: The oddly different Gary Busey is fired; leaving me to wonder why LG Electronics would trust Trump with their brand image?


Another Obama green failure?

Did anyone notice that while Henrik Fisker was a legendary car body designer, he wasn’t an engineer like John DeLorean who could built the vehicle platform? Especially one that relied on unproven battery technology? Did anyone believe that you could spent $900,000 building each $70,000 vehicle and be profitable or at least pay back your loans in less than ten years? And, how the hell do you burn through an estimated $1.4 billion dollars while producing approximately 2,200 cars, 600 remaining unsold?

And, what about the negligent analysts at the SEC who failed to notice that the government’s loan guarantees were encouraging private investors to add their money to the governments in the hope of a significant return? A case of privatizing profits and socializing loses? Or, the analysts at the Department of Energy who were blind to the extravagant expenditures of funds for speculative technology? At least they added to the profits of Government Motors (GM) who supplied the gas engine.

While the car is beautiful, so will the profits of the lawyers as they untangle this unholy mess which promises to be characterized as a financial debacle. Will Al Gore and Leo DiCaprio, associated with Fisker, put up some of their millions to help the bankrupt company? What about the assets in Finland?

But most of all, I want to know who purchased a subcompact vehicle for use in California with an all-electric range of 32 miles and a total range (full charge and tank of gas) of 230 miles? With a recharge time between six and fourteen hours? Or use in areas where the batteries are severely degraded by extreme heat or cold? Batteries built by the troubled A123 (who got a $249 million loan guarantee from the U.S. government and is now owned by the Chinese). 

Al Gore, Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Justin Bieber all own Fisker Karmas, but I wonder if they actually paid for them?

-- steve

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