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Dissecting a liberal propaganda hit piece on the "right wing cult machine"

There is little or no doubt in my mind that the wing-nuts, be they right-wing or left-wing nut jobs, are winning the war. Pretty much because the rather apathetic moderate and middle class is overwhelmed by the vocal activists.

  • On the right-wing, you have the unabashedly capitalistic “corporatists” who believe that the free market will resolve all issues: political, financial, social, and medical. That is, if we really had a free market free from government intervention and corrupt politicians.
  • On the left-wing, you have the unabashedly socialistic “statists” who believe that big government and collectivism will resolve all issues, political, financial, social, and medical. That is, if we really had a political system free from corrupt politicians and the special interests that support them.
  • And, then there are the apathetic, unwashed, unenlightened citizens who are so busy coping with the demands of earning a living, raising children and existing in a celebrity culture, that they do not recognize the clear and present danger both extremes pose to our nation. They remain detached and uninvolved.

So let us take a look at a liberal hit piece and analyze it … (my comments can be found in blue italic)

The Right Wing Cult Machine Exposed -- People are waking up and recognizing the far right-wing media for what it is, and the dangers it poses to this country. (The truth is that both extremes pose equal dangers to “We the People”)

Far right Conservatism has become a cult, and Rush Limbaugh is its leader. (Far left socialism has become a cult, and Barack Hussein Obama is its leader.)

By definition, a cult is a group or sect bound together by adoration of the same thing, person, ideal, etc. (true statement)

A cult promises you redemption. It tells you that if you do what it says, and as it believes, you will be protected from the evil people that are out to get you and the rest of society. (true statement)

A cult purges the non-believers. And it actively tries to vilify all those who are not part of the cult, saying that they're doomed and destined to go to hell. (true statement – but hell may be a selective picture painted for a particular audience.)

So how did Limbaugh become the leader of such a large, and influential, cult? (false statement – it assumes that the most vocal people or people with access to the giant media megaphone are the actual leaders; whereas the truth is that the '”backroom” people with significant resources and connections are the true leadership. And, for the record, Limbaugh is not the leader of the right-wing cult any more than Obama is the leader of the left-wing cult. Both are simply the most visible targets at this point in time.)

Like with any cult, the power that Limbaugh has over his flock as grown over time. ( false statement – it assumes that listening to any celebrity or prominent person can be defined as cultish. Limbaugh can suggest, but he lacks the power of Obama to command and directly influence the promotion and interpretation of public policy. His audience has grown, but it remains substantially limited to approximately 20-30 million listeners, whereas the President’s words have greater impact on 100 million people. It should be noted that Limbaugh may have the advantage of repetition – something that may also cause his audience to tune-out after a period of time.)

Right wing radio started out in conflict with mainstream society, and outside of mainstream politics. (true statement – as the mainstream media moved farther and farther toward the left and its tacit support of Barack Obama, many people felt that the mainstream media was becoming dishonest and disingenuous; picking a political winner instead of reporting the facts without bias. Thus they turned to alternative media outlets such as talk radio and cable news to understand an “alternative viewpoint” and to express an opinion which ran contrary to that found in the mainstream media. It should be noted that Limbaugh actively recruits people of opposing opinions – mostly to highlight the fallacy of their assumptions and to launch his own viewpoint. Unlike the shrill left-biased media, the right-biased media actually accepts contrary opinions as a trigger for additional discussion.)

What was once a little cult guided by Limbaugh has transformed into a massive cult that today has enveloped much of the Conservative movement. (again with the fallacious “cult” reference. One could point to the uber-liberal MSNBC and say exactly the same thing; but, unfortunately for the far left, nobody appears to be listening, viewing or reading the major leftist outlets due to their persistent failure to tell the truth and provide honest analysis.)

So how did this transformation occur? (a great question if you believe that something was transformed into something else. Perhaps alluding to how a small group of audience members became a large group of audience members. I can assure you that it was only partly Rush’s talent and ability to present a three-hour show based on little more than reading and interpreting the news. It was driven by the growing dissatisfaction with an out-of-control, corrupt political environment where billions were wasted on wars, buying political power, special interests – in short fraud, abuse and waste.)

Well, like cult leaders do, Limbaugh offered up a theatrical flair, and accompanied that with a marketing genius. (this makes me laugh. Consider the ability of President Obama to read the spin-tested words written by others off a TelePrompTer with a feigned sincerity and tell me that he is not every bit a celebrity with a theatrical flair as Limbaugh. As for marketing genius, both give their respective audience what they want to see, hear and feel. Otherwise the audience would desert them. But, unlike Limbaugh who has little more than his talent and the resources of his sponsors and stations to support his marketing; Obama has the resources of government and a position at the front of a “bully pulpit.” Not even a close contest.)

He offered his followers redemption. He offered them protection from what he told them they should fear – liberals and feminists. He demanded ideological purity, and absolute devotion to the ideology of far-right "conservative" corporatism. And he vilified all those who didn't see things his way. (Again, the players always pick their own version of hell and people or things to demonize. One side fearing liberalism – a code word for socialism/communism and a large, strict government with significant influence on people’s lives – and the other side fearing conservatism – smaller government, fewer regulations, less political control, and I might add, a well-armed population.)

Limbaugh then managed to convince his followers that faith in his word was more important than facts. No matter what everyone else said, if Rush said it, it must be true. Only information that supports Limbaugh's positions can be believed, and everything else is just lies. (this is also true of Obama whose actions often defy logic and commonsense. Asking America to take his word that he is actually competent enough to govern the nation when he appears more interested in showboating, campaigning, vacationing and leaving the heavy-lifting to his corrupt colleagues in Congress. Whereas Limbaugh appears, at least to some, to show leadership and a definite purposefulness; Obama shows no leadership and appears to be an empty celebrity suit. Both sides play fast and loose with the facts. And, the most significant fact is that the increasing political corruption and quest for power is dividing and destroying our nation.)

Since his first successes, he's been followed by a succession of other right-wing cult leaders, from Glenn Beck to Mark Levin to Alex Jones. (most of the people mentioned here have decent audiences that afford them a modicum of success; unlike the shrill voices on the left whose audiences are declining – Rachel Maddow, Bill Maher, and Chris Mathews – cult-leaders of the leftish persuasion. I reserve a special place for Jon Steward and Stephen Colbert; because while they tack left, they skew craziness and hypocrisy on both sides of the political spectrum. You might consider that the monotone, always shouting Mark Levin, Michael Savage, and Rush Limbaugh are among the brightest and most informed people in the media. )

Which brings us to today. (I thought it was all about today.)

Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the right-wing talk radio cult have conjured up such a large following that they're helping the Koch Brothers drive the polarization within the Republican Party, and within America's political discourse. (This is not exactly true. Republicans have allowed the Northeastern moderate Rockefeller-wing of the Republican party to lead the party to disaster with their profligate spending and cronyism politics. Bush (43), certainly no cowboy (a ranch without cattle, horses, cows – but sagebrush and mountain bikes?) pushing Reagan-like conservatism, set the stage for President Obama with his corrupt, incompetent, big-spending cronyism. Now it is time that the party swing back to basics – smaller government , stronger defense, and reduced spending on non-essentials. And while big bucks influence the direction in the Republican party, the very same thing can be said about the Democrats, especially where the socialist/communist unions like the SEIU are driving the agenda.) 

Ironically, so says Frank Luntz, a top Republican consultant and campaign guru. (Guru my ass. Here is a market researcher who reads the tea leaves of a “dialed-in” focus group. He techniques and methodology is not new, unique, and certainly is not infallible. He is a man who deals in the political exploitation of language for effectiveness. Not exactly a reliable source when it comes to actual non-focus group analysis of political philosophy.) 

Earlier this week, Luntz told a group of college students at the University of Pennsylvania that Limbaugh and his fellow right-wing talk-radio cult leaders are "problematic" for the Republican Party because they're responsible for the stark polarization within the party. ( This is the height of hypocrisy as it is well-known that the progressives deliberately create cohorts of victims via segmentation and then make promises to each group in return for their support, money and votes. Deeply polarizing the entire country – not just a party. Limbaugh and his cohorts are mirrors in which those who agree nod approvingly. Part of the discussion --  discussion feared by the left.)

In a secret recording of his comments, Luntz can be heard saying that, "And they get great ratings, and they drive the message, and it's really problematic. And this is not on the Democratic side. It's only on the Republican side...[inaudible]. [Democrats have] got every other source of news on their side. And so that is a lot of what's driving it. If you take—Marco Rubio's getting his ass kicked. Who's my Rubio fan here? We talked about it. He's getting destroyed! By Mark Levin, by Rush Limbaugh, and a few others. He's trying to find a legitimate, long-term effective solution to immigration that isn't the traditional Republican approach, and talk radio is killing him. That's what's causing this thing underneath. And too many politicians in Washington are playing coy." (First, leave it to the left to characterize the recording of a public presentation as “secret” to give it more weight. Second, Marco Rubio was taken to task by talk radio for advancing the agenda of the progressives; albeit a little more slowly than they liked. He was every bit a RINO (Republican In Name Only) as those other aisle-hopping RINOs, John McCain and Lindsey Graham who shill for the progressive agenda as alleged moderates. Marco Rubio is the Republican Obama – smart, telegenic, well-spoken – but leaning left. I, myself, have proposed better solutions to immigration than the gang of eight.)

Basically, Luntz was saying that the right-wing media and its cult following are not serving the national political debate and not helping the Republican Party widen its appeal beyond its declining base of aging boomer cultists. (No what Luntz appears to be saying is that a large segment of the audience is not buying the traditional bullshit of those that purport to have control of the Republican Party and thus represent a clear and present danger to the democrats should their viewpoint on smaller government, less taxes, less spending, and more freedom prevail. Yes, the baby boomers are aging – but the younger generation can see what a mess has been made by the democrat party, especially in the area of employment and job-killing environmentalism and Obamacare.)

But no matter what Luntz says, Limbaugh and the rest of his right-wing media pals will continue to rally their followers, and continue to vilify those who dare think otherwise. (And, what is wrong with that position in America? Why should Americans march in lockstep with the progressives towards the abyss of socialism, larger government, more taxes, fewer jobs – and, less chances of surviving with degraded healthcare options? It is not vilification to point out dishonesty and hypocrisy unless you are doing it to a progressive agenda. Consider that Obama and his fellow travelers, including Hillary Clinton, not only adore Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, but they have a deep history of vilifying their enemies – and in Hillary’s case, those who accused Bill Clinton of being a rapist and sexual predator. And, who cares what Frank Luntz thinks as he is every bit a man for hire as is Karl Rove, Dick Morris, and James Carville.)

They will continue to paint President Obama as America's anti-hero, using terms like "socialist" and "Muslim" to further scare their cult followers into seeing things their way. (There is little or no doubt in my mind that Obama’s past associations, training, and actions paint him as a socialist. As for being a Muslim, that was his early religion and his actions definitively define him as being pro-Muslim. He may claim to be a Christian – but I strongly believe it is the same type of anti-white, anti-America, anti-Jew Christianity found in his spiritual mentor for 20-plus years, Reverend Jeremiah Wright. A pastor who also espoused the socialist/communist Black Liberation Theology.)

The good news is that there are still some semblances of a normal, and non-cult media in America. (This is an outright lie. The mainstream media – with the exception of Fox – marches in lockstep with the progressives. The mainstream media has sacrificed its journalistic integrity in favor of progressive activism. And, do not for a moment, confuse commentators who give their “opinion” with news people who are supposed to be bias-free. See the progressive bias in the mainstream news media, and the impact of non-mainstream cable and talk radio fades somewhat into the background conversation as multiple millions are brainwashed by the political content in both news and entertainment. Thank you Aaron Sorkin – a great writer, but also a big-time progressive.)

Unlike the right-wing media, real media – and even progressive media – is not cult-like. It talks about ideas that are widely accepted (social safety net, clean environment, nondiscrimination, a solid middle class), and that are not in conflict with the rest of society. (This is utter bullshit. Look at the Constitution’s guarantee for equality under the law and ask yourself why the progressives are making laws for “classes” of people in a theoretically classless society. Why should their be affirmative action? Why should a gay murder be prosecuted differently that a regular murder? How can you make public policy that serves a political class based on nothing more than a speculative hypothesis that demands faith-based speculation be accepted over fact-based science? Everybody wants clean air, clean water, proper sanitation – so why do the progressives give a pass to gross polluters, allowing them to purchase government-sanctioned indulgences to pollute and kill the local population in return for planting trees in a mysterious and mythical rainforest.) 

It's not based on fear or faith. It's based on facts. And it respects other beliefs and ideas, instead of vilifying them. (This is an absolute lie. Both sides use fear and faith – whatever it takes – to push their respective agendas forward. And, it is an outright lie that the left respects other beliefs and ideas – just ask the Republicans in Congress who were not allowed to draft, amend or modify the abomination known as Obamacare. As for fear and facts, one merely look at the global warming hoax which is full of fear and short on facts.)

And perhaps, most importantly, real media doesn't fear or hate our government, and certainly doesn't suggest we should be armed and ready to attack our own government. (There is no such thing as real media as the progressives try to prove each time they attack or attempt to delegitimize Fox. And, why should the “real,” also known as the progressively-biased mainstream media fear or hate out government when they are mostly Sympatico with its direction and beliefs. But, notice how the author has stated the proposition as if the opposition – the “false” media fears and hates out government instead of just pointing out the dangerous dishonesty and hypocrisy -- trying to rid it of socialist/communist ideologues and corrupt self-interests.)

Sadly, that cult is coming dangerously close to having complete control over the Republican Party and much of the political discourse in our country. (here is another outright lie. The media does not control the party, it is the big-money special interests that exert real control via their corrupt politicians. To say or believe anything different is a disingenuous distraction.)

Thankfully, people are waking up and recognizing the far right-wing media for what it is: a cult. (One could say the same thing about the people waking up to learn that our government has been infiltrated by socialists and communists who want to turn America into a democratic socialist state – much like the worker’s paradises found in Cuba, Venezuela and elsewhere.

Thom Hartmann is an author and nationally syndicated daily talk show host. His newest book is The Thom Hartmann Reader.  Source: The Right Wing Cult Machine Exposed | Alternet

Bottom line …

For the most part, the traditional mainstream media has been disintermediated by talk radio, cable television and the interwebs; where you can plainly see the spin being placed on news stories by comparing multiple sources with the click of a mouse or the flick of the wrist. Thom Hartmann is among the most popular liberal talk show hosts in America, ranking alongside Alan Colmes, a righteously uber-liberal that buys the socialist package.


People listen to these talk-show hosts because the truth resonates with them to some extent. If the progressive message resonated, perhaps some of the more articulate liberals would be in the top spot. Hartmann is a smart former conservative who experienced a conversion to liberalism, some say for commercial reasons. In any event, his article is little more than a self-serving propaganda piece on behalf of the progressives who are destroying traditional American values and our society in general.

-- steve

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