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In yet another shocking example of the abdicated responsibilities of our elected representatives, it appears that the two largest special interests in the amnesty fight may have cut a deal that is injurious to the average American citizen.

On the progressive front, big labor unions want more members, more money and more democrats to perpetuate their existence. On the business front, big businesses – especially those in construction, hospitality, and healthcare want a source of cheap labor.

So why should the average American citizen let special interests dictate immigration terms and conditions to Congress?

From my friends at FAIR …


AFL-CIO Cuts Deal on Immigration, Sells Out American Workers

Amnesty and Guest Workers Threaten Viability of American Middle Class, Warns FAIR

America’s largest labor union, the AFL-CIO, has reportedly cut a deal with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on an immigration package that would legalize about 12 million illegal aliens and admit anywhere from 20,000 to 200,000 low-skilled “guest” workers annually, all of whom may become permanent additions to our labor force through a pathway to citizenship. 

Moreover, under the AFL-CIO/Chamber agreement, this annual influx of new, low-skilled “guest” workers would come in addition to more than 800,000 guest workers who enter our labor market each year and the addition of approximately 12 million illegal aliens to the U.S. workforce—all despite historically high levels of unemployment.

“This deal is a monumental betrayal by organized labor of American workers,” charged Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). “The AFL-CIO is gambling the future of the American middle class on the false assumption that our economy can support this huge swell in low-skill workers and that the federal government will end the flow of illegal immigration that results in illegal workers undercutting wages and jobs opportunities for U.S. workers.”

Finally, the AFL-CIO is also betting that big business will abide by this agreement. Business lobbyists are already beginning to say that the new guest worker program sanctioned by the AFL-CIO and the Chamber of Commerce isn’t big enough. These business interests will no doubt lobby hard to significantly increase the size of this new guest worker program—whether during debate in the Senate, in the House, or the moment after it is enacted.

“The AFL-CIO has consistently failed to stand with American workers who have lost jobs and wages to illegal aliens. Now it is further undermining American workers by getting behind a deal that would allow tens of thousands of ‘guest’ workers and millions of illegal aliens to compete for virtually every job in the United States, all without any assurance that millions more illegal aliens will not flood into the labor force,” said Stein.

“As we have seen in the past, the interests of union leaders do not necessarily represent those of rank and file members. As American workers, unionized and non-unionized, consider the ramifications of mass amnesty and massive increases in guest workers, there is likely to be significant resistance to a deal that would further endanger our already struggling middle class,” Stein said.

“Barely half of working age adults in the United States with less than a high school diploma are currently participating in the labor force,” Stein noted. “In agreeing to a deal that allows for new flows of low-skill workers, America’s largest labor union is essentially ensuring that millions of less educated Americans will never be productive members of our society.”








Bottom line …

Once again, Barack Obama and his fellow travelers in the democrat party have sold out their Black Brothers, insuring that the amnesty for illegal aliens and the continuing influx of Hispanic workers will decimate the Black community and capture a significant portion of low-skill, low-wage, entry-level positions, thus disadvantaging the youth of a community that is already greatly unemployed.

Why should we allow illegal aliens to be rewarded for their crime, breaching the sovereignty of the United States when hundreds of thousands of others have obeyed the law and spent a considerable amount of time, effort and money to enter the United States legally?

Why should we allow illegal aliens to further dilute our culture by settling in concentrated areas where they become the political power to legislate in their own favor (La Raza motto: “For La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada” -- For The Race everything. Outside The Race, nothing.”); something that is antithetical to equal rights under the law?

Why should we not demand, as a condition of citizenship, renunciation of all allegiances to foreign sovereigns and demand the end of the dual citizenship scam?

But, worst of all … why should American citizens fete the importation of illiteracy, poverty and disease – all of which becomes a significant drain on our already burdened finances?

It is time to place immigration in abeyance, for at least two years, when our finances improve, border security is strengthened and ICE is able to track both incoming and outgoing visitors to prevent overstaying one’s visa.

It is also time to implement the very same type of immigration controls on foreigners as they are imposed in Mexico or demand reciprocal treatment of similarly situated immigrants TO Mexico.

And, above all, it is time to declare that a child adopts the nationality and citizenship of their parents as done in most of the world and/or limiting social benefits to those currently residing in the United States – with exceptions for earned benefits such as Social Security.

We need comprehensive immigration reform and to avoid allowing two corrupt political parties continue their race to the lowest common denominator to destroy America in the name of cheap labor – which will become infinitely more expensive by empowering unions and their continued corruption of our political system.

-- steve


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