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It is not that I am anti-immigrant, but I do believe that immigrants should add value to our nation.

That "We the People" are disadvantaged when we import poverty, illiteracy, disease, crime, terrorism, and fundamental intolerance.

I also believe that there are some in Islamic nations who greatly helped the United States and should be given preference over all others -- true friends of America who aided our people in difficult times and who are now placed in jeopardy by the Obama Administration's precipitous abandonment of our allies and friends.

Consider a person who is …

  • born in a Muslim country
  • educated as a Muslim in a Muslim culture
  • respects Sharia law
  • accepts limited human and civil rights, including free speech, freedom of religion, and if female, basic human rights
  • and may already believe that America is a repressive and evil society

red-flag     What are the chances that this person will assimilate into American culture rather than attempt to replicate their foreign environment in the United States?

Now, let that person attend an American University …

  • inculcated with a progressive world view
  • taught that America was a colonial power and exploited slaves
  • the rich exploits the poor
  • limited future if you are a minority

red-flag[5]     What are the chances that this person will assimilate into America and feel that America is the best place on the planet? 

And, let that person attend an American Mosque financed by Saudi Arabia …

  • reinforces Islam and Islamic ways
  • reinforces Islam and Sharia law
  • reinforces loyalty to the Islamic community
  • exposed to radical Whabbism and America as the “Great Satan”

red-flag[7]What are the chances that this person will assimilate into America and consider himself an American rather than a Muslim in America?

What if that person encounters disappointing circumstances or outright failure?

  • housing issues
  • employment issues
  • financial issues
  • social issues

red-flag[9] What are the chances that this person might accept radical teachings and turn into Islamic activist or a domestic terrorist?

Bottom line …

Why take the chance? What do they contribute to our nation? Do the risks outweigh the rewards?

-- steve

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