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Ben Affleck: Typical Celebrity -- Charity Bullshit -- Plans to live on $1.50/day to raise awareness of poverty

It is beyond me that our culture worships those who are good looking and talented enough to read lines written by others with feigned sincerity. It is even worse, that many people confuse the real person with the roles they play or the persona the affect.

So here comes Ben Affleck, a privileged multi-millionaire (estimated to have $65 million) who will pretend to live on $1.50 per day for a whole week – that is, before returning to his life of privilege and plenty. As if this is going to raise the consciousness of the “regular folks” about the poor – those living under the poverty line.

Of course, what is hardship without a little publicity? It appears that Affleck will “Tweet” what he is eating and what he is experiencing so the rest of the liberals searching for vicarious “good feelings” will feel good about themselves. Heaven forbid, they go beyond handing the local “bum” a dollar bill while pretending he doesn’t even exist on the days they can’t be bothered. One might ask, how many people have taken a disadvantaged family a “care pack” or holiday basket?

The real goal: “Live Below the Line” is using high-profile celebrities to raise poverty awareness. Each celebrity will donate contributions in their name to their favorite charity. In Affleck’s case, there should be little surprise that the donations will flow to his own charity, the Eastern Congo Initiative.

Bottom line …

I am not denigrating Ben Affleck’s efforts to help those below the poverty line. But I am pointing out the staggering hypocrisy of his actions – perhaps he should turn to the mean streets of Boston where he grew-up with Matt Damon and where poverty in South Boston abounds.

According to The Boston Globe …

Poverty’s grip tightens in Boston, study says -- 42% of children poor in hardest-hit areas; economy, high costs widen the income gap -- Poverty has deepened in Boston’s poorest neighborhoods, widening the gap between the city’s wealthiest and neediest residents, a report being released today finds.

But then again, with poverty under your nose, especially poverty that is persistent and will exist far beyond your campaign, is unattractive to those whose actual results are relatively meaningless in the overall scheme of things. Between Affleck and Damon, they should be taking care of business here at home. While Affleck is free to spend his money any way he sees fit … he should be more considerate of his own roots. (By the way, Affleck was actually born in ultra-liberal “Bezerkeley,” California to uber-liberal parents.)

For those wanting to check Ben Affleck's net worth, you may wish to visit Celebrity Net Worth or the specific Affleck entry.

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