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Barack Obama, John Kerry and the Liberals being played by Iran and North Korea? Futility of a proportional response?

Is this an Iranian ploy to buy more time for their nuclear adventures?

What is the probability that North Korea is playing the United States in order to allow Iran to complete its nuclear weapons works and that any nuclear test in North Korea is actually a test of the Iranian weapon itself, after which Iran will announce that they are now a nuclear state? Because of the number of Iranians in Southern California an the continuing travel between the two countries, it seems that the United States should have better intelligence sources in Iran than in North Korea. And, because of the number of workers crossing the South Korean/North Korean border, one might suspect that there are intelligence moles on both sides of the 38th parallel. So what is the real story?

And, what’s up with a “proportional response?”

Proportional responses were designed by weak powers who are trying to demonstrate to their own citizens that they are “tough” even though they are afraid of provoking a much larger conflict. It appears to me that proportional responses against a country that considers its citizens as unexceptional and bothersome chattel, like North Korea, or cares not a whit for its citizens like the Muslim countries where it is a blessed event to die in the cause of Allah, is just another sign of weakness. You may have a designated military target – and you destroy it completely and thoroughly. If the other side attacks a civilian population center, you respond by destroying two of their cities, completely and thoroughly. The ancient Roman approach to warfare that stops aggression quickly. The trick is not to appear tough, it is to be tough.

From the New York Times …

U.S. Designs a Korea Response Proportional to the Provocation

As North Korea hints at new military provocations in the coming days, the United States and South Korea have drawn up plans to respond more forcefully than in the recent past, but in a limited way intended to prevent an escalation to broader war.

Amid the rising tensions, there were still efforts on many fronts on Sunday to limit the possibility of military conflict. In an indirect but clear criticism of China’s longtime ally, North Korea, Xi Jinping, China’s new president, said in a speech on Sunday that no country in Asia “should be allowed to throw a region and even the whole world into chaos for selfish gain.”

A senior adviser to President Obama, Dan Pfeiffer, appearing on the ABC program “This Week,” played down the situation as “a pattern of behavior we’ve seen from the North Koreans many times.”

Still, the escalating tensions were underscored Sunday when the commander of American forces on the Korean Peninsula, Gen. James D. Thurman, abruptly canceled a trip to Washington for Congressional testimony and consultations. So did South Korea’s top commander. Source: U.S. and South Korea Devise Plan to Counter North -

Bottom line …

Let us hope that our nation is not being unduly crippled by the democrats, as it was during Carter whose ineptness brought about Islamo-fascism and jihad, and Clinton who bombed an aspirin factory as a show of force. With foreign policy experts like Joe Biden and John Kerry, perhaps we will mimic France and surrender to North Korean demands in a staggering show of appeasement. Of course, I am not certain that Barack Obama, with his pro-Muslim/anti-Israel sentiments does not mind a nuclear-armed Iran as a counter to Israel’s weapons base. Even though co-conspirator jihadist Saudi Arabia is terrified of a nuclear Iran.

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