Benghazi: The Obama swamp just gets deeper and deeper ...

Allen West Smeared by Sheriff Joe Arpaio's cohorts for not going "birther?"

I find this apparent smear of Allen West’s character indefensible …

There is little or no doubt that Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa Country, Arizona has spent the time, effort and money to prove President Obama’s documents may have been altered by a person or persons unknown; or may be outright forgeries.

But to suggest that Allen West is somehow less than honest and honorable because he refuses to advance Arpaio’s case is both dishonest and despicable. Especially when it is suggested that Allen West put his self-interests in a political career above his duty to the nation.

Allen West Refused To Advance Obama Forgery Case Because Of “Future Political Aspirations”

At this year’s CPAC, former Congressman and Lt. Col. Allen West gave a great speech in which he said, “there is nothing on this green earth that a liberal progressive fears more than a black American who wants a better life and a smaller government.” However, what was largely missed was the fact that West was approached by the lead investigator of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse, Lt. Michael Zullo, and Pastor Carl Gallups with the evidence they had concerning Barack Obama’s forged birth certificate, he declined to get involved because of “future political aspirations.”

In a response to questions about his article regarding West’s refusal to get involved, Pastor Gallups explained, “Lt. Mike Zullo and I spoke to Col. West the first on the evening before CPAC. We were at dinner and West came right by our table. He had a small group with him. He was talking to someone at the table next to us. After he finished, we introduced ourselves. He said he knew of the Arpaio investigation and Lt. Zullo and would be glad to meet with us for a few moments to discuss the evidence we had. His secretary, who was with him, gave us an email and told us to remind her and she would set an appointment time. We sent the email. The appointment was never made.”

Zullo and Gallups were not just going to give up so since they did not hear back from West by the following evening, they approached him at a CPAC VIP dinner. Gallups said, “I politely reminded him of his promise to us but told him that we had not heard from him yet. He told me that we should ‘stop by his display table tomorrow.’”

“The next day,” Gallups continued, “Lt. Zullo was able to find him in the crowd. He asked West for five minutes of his time. West gave it to him. Lt. Zullo told him of the 100% solid evidence he had of a forged and fabricated document and the legal ramifications of it. The bottom line of that conversation was that West told Zullo (after hearing and acknowledging the evidence of the case) that he couldn’t get involved in that because he might have future political aspirations – he couldn’t afford to be associated with that. Lt. Zullo assured him this was NOT a birther issue – this was a proven criminal forgery and fabrication of identifying document issue. He assured West that he would be backed up by a full and professional criminal investigation. Lt. Zullo asked West if he could at least help us to open other doors with other VIPS.  West reaffirmed that he had no interest in helping us.”

Perhaps this explains why Lt. Col. West began to capitulate from his former clear stand against Islam (See the video), as a whole, to claiming that Islam had been hijacked by radicals.

West has been an outspoken critic of Barack Obama. He has also, at one point, been an outspoken critic of Islam. Knowing the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood into the federal government and understanding that the current occupant in the White House is at least a Muslim sympathizer or worse yet, an Islamist himself, which is more likely, while will West not get behind this effort? Why will he not look at the evidence? If you ask me, “political aspirations” makes him no more worthy to hold office than the next politician. America doesn’t need more politicians. We need statesmen who will stand up and do the right thing.   Source: Allen West Refused To Advance Obama Forgery Case

Bottom line …

First. Allen West’s duty is to God, Country and himself. Not to some faction purporting to have a singular truth that they cannot seem to bring before a court of competent jurisdiction. I stand with Allen West in this matter, believing that he would potentially polarize the electorate before ever standing for election – and nothing good can come out of this misadventure.

Second, if the evidence is so compelling, let Arpaio demand a grand jury or place all of his evidence before the court. If sitting members of Congress will not take action, then it is absolutely insane and obscene that Arpaio and his cohorts attempt to muscle Allen West into their service.

Third, I am disappointed with West, I would have expected a more strident blow-off that made it unequivocally clear that he wasn’t interested in being the poster boy for the now demonized birther movement.

I believe West capable of great things. But, he can’t get to there from here by associating himself with someone who appears – rightly or wrongly – to be a fringe element on the political scene.

-- steve  

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