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Environmentalists think nothing of delaying or stopping major projects due to environmental concerns, real or imagined, so why are they not protesting the accidental killing of a golden eagle by a wind turbine? This is not the sole bird death at this facility and wind farm turbines are notorious for killing hundreds, if not thousands, of birds annually. Who is protecting those birds from uncaring human predators operating wind farms solely for profit and the benefit of its capitalist backers? And, who are those heartless anti-environment backers who own and operate Pattern Energy in the heart of liberal San Francisco?

A criminal investigation, as if someone premeditated the murder of a passing bird … 

Eagle death at Nevada wind farm brings federal scrutiny

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife is conducting a criminal investigation after a golden eagle was killed at the Spring Valley Wind Farm near Ely in February. The $225 million Spring Valley Wind Farm went online in August as the first utility-scale wind farm in Nevada and the first to be built on federal land in the United States.


 A single dead eagle could spell trouble for a White Pine County wind farm that sells power to NV Energy. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is conducting an investigation after a golden eagle was killed in late February at the Spring Valley Wind Farm, about 300 miles north of Las Vegas. San Francisco-based Pattern Energy, which owns the 152-megawatt wind energy project, reported the dead bird and turned it over to federal authorities within 36 hours of its discovery.

“They did all the things they were supposed to because of an eagle death,” said Jeannie Stafford, spokeswoman for the Fish and Wildlife Service in Nevada. Even so, the wind farm could face a fine of up to $200,000 because it does not hold a federal “take” permit that would allow the incidental death of a golden or bald eagle. Stafford said the matter is under investigation by the service’s Office of Law Enforcement.

The $225 million facility went online in August as the first utility-scale wind farm in Nevada and the first to be built on federal land anywhere in the United States. It features 66 turbines, each roughly 400 feet tall, scattered over 7,500 acres at the heart of the vast Spring Valley, which runs north-south for about 110 miles between the Schell Creek and Snake mountain ranges in eastern Nevada.

Stafford said Spring Valley is not a breeding ground for golden eagles, but the large birds of prey do migrate through the area and forage for food there. Few bald eagles, if any, are known to pass through Spring Valley during migration, she said. Those two species receive special protection under federal law dating to 1940. Source: Eagle death at Nevada wind farm brings federal scrutiny | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Perhaps a more interesting issue is who is behind Pattern Energy …

In June 2009, Riverstone LLC acquired Babcock & Brown’s North American energy business, including San Francisco-based Pattern Energy. More details on the merger can be found here; Riverstone’s plans included infusing $400 million into Pattern’s renewable energy endeavors.

Riverstone LLC is a global corporation . According to the company’s website, “The greatest indicator of Riverstone's success is the firm's ability to align its capital with the leaders of the energy and power industry. Over the past thirty years, Riverstone's principals have been instrumental in creating several of Wall Street's preeminent global energy and power investment banking franchises. They have collectively participated in many significant transactions in the industry, initiating a number of innovative strategic business combinations and corporate restructurings.”

Riverstone has a checkered record on the ethical front. In 2009, the company’s founder, David Leuschen was ordered by New York Attorney General Andrew M. .Cuomo to “pay $20 million in restitution to resolve his role in an investigation of corruption involving the state pension fund. Mr. Leuschen’s private equity firm [Riverstone] has already paid $30 million in restitution in the case,” the New York Times reported. According to Cuomo, the state pension fund invested $150 into a joint venture between Riverstone and the Carylyle Group in what was described by ABC news as a “pay to play” corruption scandal.

Leuschen is a former director and managing director at Goldman-Sachs who reportedly was instrumental in advising Mobil Oil on its $81 billion merger with Exxon. According to the Louisiana Voice, it was through Carylyle that Leuschen became involved in technology investments in the Middle East; Riverstone and Carlyle partner in “using political connections to solicit the business of public retirement funds from all over the country.”  Read more at: WHO IS PATTERN ENERGY? | East County Magazine

Bottom line …

It is funny to see the administration-backed environmentalists battle a politically well-connected energy firm who lobbies the administration. Special interest versus special interest, battling for political advantage and profits.

In the end, there will be an investigation, a report … and most likely, a fine with the energy company neither admitting nor denying any allegations of impropriety. In short, a tempest in a tea pot that means absolutely nothing for the special interests, because in the final analysis, the fine will be paid by the ratepayers who are forced by the government to use “green energy.”

The amount of damage that has been done by environmentalist to our economy with little or no benefit to anyone is incalculable. Another reason why we must demand honest brokers to represent “We the People.”

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