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National Weather Service Director Louis Uccellini said global warming is "making it more likely that the storms are more intense and produce heavier precipitation." This might be his opinion, but it certainly is not backed by science. Science has demonstrated that weather is a chaotic natural phenomena and thus all weather can be traced to the natural phenomena of climate change. While weather in one place is great, it may be disastrous in another. Stupidity that can be demonstrated by having a man put one foot in a bucket of boiling water, the other foot in a buck of ice water and declaring on the average, he is comfortable at the mean temperature. It should also be remembered that we are speaking about a temperature range of three degrees Celsius.

The real question is whether or not man is grossly affecting the global climate or weather patterns in a measurable way. Unfortunately, it appears that the current weather patterns are well within the range of weather’s natural variability and that man’s input to the system appears to be masked and indistinguishable from the normal variability noise in the system. That is, other than deeply flawed computer models and highly-manipulated data, there is no scientific proof that mans activities have a gross effect on the weather or that man can change weather patterns or long-term climate at will.

The Earth has been hotter, colder, with less atmospheric carbon dioxide and more carbon dioxide. So, other than the specious models of climate activists and those who have made significant amounts of money peddling global warming nonsense – and the politicians who want to use faux science to implement self-serving public policies to further their political agendas – all is right with our self-healing, self-regulating planet. 

The weather service chief is being hyperbolic when he claims that we face a “new normal” because: one, we really don’t know what normal might be for the planet outside of theoretical calculations and unproven hypotheses; and two, we have yet to see real weather extremes. Man has always adapted to weather conditions by moving, sheltering or by adapting – hence people live in bitter, freezing cold or burning deserts and survive. As for the increasing destruction and loss of life, that is a function of higher population densities in known climate danger zones. It is like the fool that builds a home in a forests and expects to be safe from a naturally-occurring wildfire. Or the morons that rebuild New Orleans on land under sea level and trust that man-made dikes will always hold back the ocean during once-in-a-lifetime storms. Or, the idiots who are building high-rise buildings in Los Angeles, in proximity to known earthquake fault lines. People are playing the odds and purchasing insurance. Insurers gambling that they will take in more money before they need to bankrupt the company to avoid catastrophic losses.

Weather Service chief: We face 'new normal' of extremes

Wild weather in recent years -- from Hurricane Sandy and deadly tornado outbreaks to extremes of drought and floods -- likely can be traced, in part, to climate change, the National Weather Service director says.

The onslaught of wild weather that has battered the USA in recent years — from Hurricane Sandy and deadly tornado outbreaks to extremes of drought and floods -- looks to be part of a "new normal" for weather patterns in the U.S., new National Weather Service Director Louis Uccellini said Wednesday.

In comments to the USA TODAY Editorial Board, Uccellini also cited the "likely" contribution of global warming to the extreme weather.

Global warming is "making it more likely that the storms are more intense and produce heavier precipitation," he said, but Uccellini cautioned that he doesn't think there are enough cases of extreme weather yet to prove the hypothesis. "I think the evidence is leaning that way," he said, adding that we've loaded the dice to produce more extreme weather such as Sandy. Uccellini said that Sandy's damage was due in part to sea level rise from global warming.

The extreme weather, surprisingly, may even include winter storms, such as the ones that have hammered the Northeast Coast this winter. "We have observed more snowstorms and heavy rain events that have been extreme," he said, due to the fact that a warming atmosphere can "hold more water vapor that can increase the intensity of storms." One study, recently published in the journal Environmental Research Letters, reports that the lack of Arctic summer ice has altered weather patterns down here in North America and could potentially lead to stormier winters.

Others aren't so sure about attributing recent specific weather events to climate change: The science of attributing extreme weather to climate change "is in its infancy, very difficult, and perhaps even the wrong question to address," said meteorologist Ryan Maue of private forecasting firm WeatherBell Analytics.

"Many recent research papers may be speculative but they serve an important purpose to put forth a hypothesis into the scientific community that can be tested or rejected," Maue said. And while the intensity of some hurricanes may become stronger, there is no obvious link between tornadoes and climate change.

A longtime federal meteorologist, Uccellini, 63, became head of the weather service in February, replacing acting director Laura Furgione, who remains as deputy director. Source: Weather Service chief: We face 'new normal' of extremes

Bottom line …

Notice the discrepancy between the bold assertion carried in the headline and the weasel words in the body of the report that point to significant questions of whether or not the article’s central thesis is supported by science. And, it is clearly not supported at this point in time.

I do not blame the weather chief because he is no longer a working meteorologist, but has morphed into a politician and a spokesman for the corrupt Obama Administration. He does what is expected of him to maintain his position.

The key takeaway from this article should be:  “Many recent research papers may be speculative but they serve an important purpose to put forth a hypothesis into the scientific community that can be tested or rejected.” Unfortunately, the output of computer models is not scientific fact, nor does it confirm a hypothesis with any degree of certainty. It is a helpful analytical tool in the hands of a scientific research and a propaganda platform in the hands of a scientific activist.

Maybe there will come a day when we can regulate weather – but even that concept is likely to produce a war – as pleasant weather in one place often dictates disruption in another place. Consider that all weather arrives and departs on the wind – the natural balancing of forces between high pressure and low pressure – and that depends on the planet’s rotational dynamics and heat transfer balances, including the largest greenhouse gas known to man: water vapor. So unless you can control the wind, cloud formation, solar energy received, retained and re-emitted to space, you cannot significantly impact the weather short of causing an ash-producing volcanic eruption. In addition, you can’t control what you can’t measure – and they are still fighting how to solve that problem in order to separate man’s input signal from the natural variability of the weather phenomena.

As for the rise in ocean levels, has anyone mentioned that tectonic plate shifts off certain coasts are capable of raising the ocean levels more significantly than the impact of melting glacier ice? Or that, the offshore flow of silt or build-up of wind and wave driven sand can do the same thing?

Has any politician pointed out the benefits of a warmer climate in terms of greater plant life, absorbing more carbon dioxide and producing more life-giving oxygen, and better living conditions?

In the final analysis, we are seeing political corruption attempting to use faux science to drive public policy to advance a political agenda. No more. No less.

-- steve

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