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Los Angeles: Republican joins democrat union-backed candidate -- keeping a finger in the taxpayer’s pocket?

I am sorry to see a well-respected Republican join the corrupt union-backed democrats in an obvious power play to insure the “backroom” boys have access to taxpayer funding.

Riordan endorses Greuel, joins campaign as an advisor

Former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan on Wednesday endorsed Wendy Greuel and joined her mayoral campaign as a senior advisor on economic issues. Riordan, a Republican who has called for a major overhaul of the city’s pension system and who supported Republican Kevin James in the primary, said Greuel asked him to help better connect the business community and organized labor on financial issues facing the city .

For months, Riordan has been warning that spiraling pension costs have placed the city on the brink of bankruptcy. He pushed unsuccessfully for a ballot measure that would require all new city employees to rely on 401(k)-style retirement plans instead of guaranteed pensions.

In contrast, Greuel has spent weeks attacking her opponent Eric Garcetti and the City Council for hiking the retirement age and rolling back the size of pension benefits for newly hired city workers on the grounds that collective bargaining was not used in those negotiations.

Riordan’s announcement came the day after Greuel received the endorsement of the 600,000-member Los Angeles County Federation of Labor. She also locked up the support of an array of city unions after she argued that the council failed to properly negotiate those pension changes with union leaders. That argument is now a key element in a challenge filed by union officials, who are hoping to overturn the pension reductions before they take effect July 1.

Riordan endorses Greuel, joins campaign as an advisor - latimes.com

As the union representing Los Angeles Department of Water and Power employees plowed hundreds of thousands of dollars into their independent effort to elect Wendy Greuel mayor, contender Eric Garcetti alleged Friday that the union was trying to buy Tuesday’s election on her behalf and contended that she had abdicated her duty to thoroughly audit the department as city controller.

The DWP union has provided much of the financial backing for an outside group known as Working Californians that began airing an ad attacking Garcetti on Thursday night. The city councilman said the union has spent $1.7 million to elect Greuel “because she’s let the DWP off the hook.” He noted that while Greuel’s predecessor in the controller’s office, Laura Chick, did two comprehensive audits of the department, Greuel has not done a top to bottom audit of the agency. “Ms. Greuel has failed to audit the DWP pension system, and the DWP salaries, and now the DWP union is spending millions to elect Greuel and attack me because they know that I will be an independent voice for our ratepayers,” Garcetti said during a press conference outside the department’s headquarters in downtown Los Angeles.

Garcetti accuses DWP union of trying to buy election for Greuel

Bottom line …

Politics in Los Angeles stink to high heaven. They are dominated by corrupt unions who have bought and paid for their politicians.

With few asking where the state and federal money directed to cleaning up the crime, decay and unemployment in the inner cities has actually been spent.

Imagine a $100 million dollar boondoggle on an educational payroll system that cannot keep track of employee wages because of the union’s complex work rules? Imagine millions of dollars diverted from accounts related to the repair and replacement of the city’s crumbling infrastructure to general funds needed to support union workers? And, imagine union workers who were scheduled to be laid off being shuttled to the Department of Water and Power which has independent funding from its rate payers?

The fiscal crisis in Los Angeles (and the State of California) is caused by the corruption between politicians and the unions. Any attempt at reform is met with a barrage of political contributions and progressive media support.

And, now we have one of the venerable Republican “back room” guys – mostly developers and representatives of big business – joining the opposition after the conservative Republican in the race, Kevin James, was roundly defeated.

Lest anyone wonder why Los Angeles is rapidly becoming Tijuana – with rich people in magnificent mansions coexisting with poor people slaving for a living – look no farther than the socialist unions and the their conservative enablers who still want access to the taxpayer’s money.

-- steve 

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