It is becoming abundantly clear that President Obama and his fellow socialist democrat travelers in Congress do not plan to uphold the Constitution of the United States and maintain the sovereignty of our nation. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has, once again, reiterated the Administration’s position that “border security is not a pre-condition for Amnesty.” Signaling that Obama wants to move past a workable solution for the handling of up to 20 million illegal immigrants now in this country to some form of full Amnesty for their past and present crimes. And, even more troublesome, nothing will be done to reinforce the border against the continuing horde of illegals who are quickly subverting our culture, our politics and our economic future.

But is there another motive for the Administration’s actions? To create a major difference between the democrats and the republicans in the upcoming 2014 congressional election in which numerous democrats are likely to be held responsible for Obama’s failed policies, both foreign and domestic.

We oppose securing the border before granting amnesty …

Secretary Napolitano: Border Security Not a Pre-Condition for Amnesty -- Promises of Border Enforcement Breached Before Bill is Even Introduced

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano this morning reaffirmed the Obama administration’s opposition to securing the border before granting amnesty to the roughly 12 million illegal aliens in the U.S. At an event hosted by the Christian Science Monitor on Tuesday, Secretary Napolitano said the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) would not develop an official metric for measuring border security. The announcement seriously compromises current negotiations over immigration legislation predicated on the belief that enhanced border security is a pre-condition to handing out green cards to those who came to the U.S. illegally.

Napolitano also argued against including any “trigger” in amnesty legislation that delays the issuance of green cards to illegal aliens until certain border security measures are taken.  Claiming that doing so would create too much uncertainty for illegal aliens, she said the inclusion of a “trigger” is “not the way to go.” “There needs to be certainty in the bill so that people know when they can legalize and then when the pathway to citizenship, earned citizenship, would open up,” said Napolitano.

There will be amnesty. but the powers that be refuse to say whether it will be amnesty leading to full citizenship or an amnesty leading to a green card with the citizenship kicked down the road to the Presidential election. 

The Magic Metric …

The sticking point in all of the border security negotiations seems to be one of measurement. How do you measure a secure border?

Napolitano’s refusal to develop a border security metric is in direct contradiction to her October 2011 testimony before Congress and repeated promises administration officials have made to Members of Congress. In 2011, Secretary Napolitano told the House Judiciary Committee “it was clear that [Homeland Security] must focus on more comprehensive and accurate measurements of the state of border security.” She promised members of the House Judiciary committee that Customs and Border Protection was in the process of creating a measure that would holistically “capture the ‘state’ or ‘condition’ of the border” and would reflect “the big picture.” In fact, Napolitano said, “Defining success at the border is critical to how we move forward,” and promised the index would be ready in early 2012.

Flip flop – saying the expedient thing at the time …

Napolitano’s statements this morning represent a complete reversal of her position only 18 months ago and reaffirm that the Obama administration simply will not place border security ahead of amnesty. Just last week, The New York Times reported that an administration official acknowledged DHS had not developed an official metric for measuring border security over the past three years “because the president did not want any hurdles placed on the pathway to eventual citizenship for immigrants in the country illegally.”

A major Congressional issue …

“Members of Congress should think very carefully whether they are willing to support an illegal alien amnesty under these conditions. Why should Congress prioritize amnesty for illegal aliens over border security? That is not in the interest of the Americans they represent. And the notion that the Obama administration will secure the border and enforce immigration laws in the future is downright laughable if it refuses to even develop a way to measure border security.

Bottom line …

It appears to me that both President Barack Obama and DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano are attempting to game the 2014 congressional elections. Giving democrats in border states and elsewhere a leg-up on those who demand that the border be secured before the issue of comprehensive immigration reform is placed on the table.

-- steve

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