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I have always believed that the Congressional Black Caucus should be disbanded, as should all other special interest caucuses, because they view the world through a distorted prism of special interest in disregard of “We the People.” In the case of the Congressional Black Caucus, the prism appears to focus on black liberation theology and the promotion of racism in government. It’s the group of unconstitutional affirmative action and reparations. It is also the Caucus with an abnormal number of ethics violations and members who have been charged with criminal activities.

Now we find, Marcia Fudge, excoriating President Obama for not electing CBC members to his cabinet. Possibly because some of the members lack the experience, ethics and subject-matter knowledge that would qualify them for such a position.

CBC's Fudge Escalates Push for Obama Cabinet Diversity

Congressional Black Caucus Chairwoman Marcia L. Fudge is escalating her campaign to urge President Barack Obama to pick African Americans for his cabinet, publicly releasing a letter that slams the first black president for a lack of diversity among his closest advisers.

“The people you have chosen to appoint in this new term have hardly been reflective of this country’s diversity,” the Ohio Democrat said in the March 11 letter.

Fudge adds that CBC members’ offices have received phone calls from angry constituents questioning why Obama hasn’t nominated anyone with the ability “to speak to the unique needs of African Americans. Their ire is compounded by the overwhelming support you’ve received from the African American community.”

And therein lies the damning tale. First, there is no requirement that government positions should be allocated by race, ethnicity, religion or any other characteristic other than competence and commonsense. Second, cabinet-level advisors to the President should not be required “to speak to the unique needs of African Americans,” but the needs of the Country itself – taking all citizens to be equal before the law – something that African-Americans do not seem to understand. I even find the use of hyphenated-Americans to be deeply offensive as it speaks to special perks, privileges and powers to be conferred upon individuals by creating unconstitutional classes of people to be exploited for political advantage.

By releasing the letter, Fudge is escalating a campaign by the CBC to push Obama on his cabinet diversity and continuing to demonstrate her willingness to push Obama aggressively to embrace her group’s priorities. The Ohio Democrat previously moved to promote three CBC members for open Cabinet positions, highlighting a long-standing sore spot in the relationship between the CBC and the president, who was a member of the group during his one Senate term.

Obama, in turn, dispatched top aide Valerie Jarrett for her first Capitol Hill meeting of the second term to meet with the CBC for a State of the Union preview and listening session with members. White House officials have assured CBC leaders that they will be pleased with future decisions. But Fudge apparently has lost patience, hence the letter Monday. <Source: CBC's Fudge Escalates Push for Obama Cabinet Diversity : Roll Call News>

Bottom line …

Call me a racist or anything else you may want, but the truth is that African-Americans are all about seeking special accommodations and privileges. And, unfortunately, the democrat party, and to a lesser extent the Republican party, cater to their whims of minorities in return for their voter support.

If anything, someone should point out that many of the community’s so-called reverends are race-baiters and racial extortionists seeking personal power and profits. How else can you explain religious leaders condoning the rampant promiscuity in the Black community, with single mothers having multiple children that makes it next to impossible for them to advance in society? How else can you explain the irresponsibility of deadbeat dads who openly flit from woman to woman without financial or social consequences? How else can you explain that the Blacks, in spite of their indigenous nature, continue to lag behind the norm in so many areas of American life when recent immigrants far outpace them in education, finances and businesses? How else can you account for the decay, crime and lack of education in Black communities – when their elected officials are clearly not doing their jobs and BILLIONS of dollars are squandered on special interest projects that have little or no benefit to the community?

America is about equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome. If Marcia Fudge wants to see her world changed in a significant manner, let her look closer to home. The democrats control the majority of inner cities and dominate the allocations for spending on social reform, but NOTHING SEEMS TO BE WORKING. Somewhat like the democrats proposing restrictive gun control on innocent law-abiding citizens that enlarges the victim pool because they are afraid to point out that the majority of gun-related crime is associated with inner city minorities and involves gangs criminals and others protecting turf and demanding respect.

If Marcia Fudge really wanted to represent her constituents, she should be calling for the federal prosecution of the Bloods and Crips and other gangs as domestic terrorists. If Marcia Fudge really wanted to represent her constituents, she should demand audits of federal funding that has been squandered on special interest projects with little effect. If Marcia Fudge really wanted to represent her constituents, she should hold union educators responsible for the substandard job they are doing in the community, notwithstanding the dumbing-down of curriculum and tests. But, most of all, Marcia Fudge should set an example to motivate people to achievement, to quit playing the race card, the victim card, and the pity-me card. But, then again, if Marcia Fudge did these things, it is unlikely that she would be allowed or even want to remain a member of the Congressional Black Caucus or a member of the democrat party.

And, lest you think Marcia Fudge is not capable of understanding both finance and the law …

Fudge, a 1971 graduate of Shaker Heights High School, earned a Bachelor of Science degree in business from Ohio State University in 1975. In 1983, she earned a law degree from Cleveland Marshall College of Law, part of Cleveland State University.

Immediately after college, she worked as a law clerk and studied legal research. She also worked in the Cuyahoga County prosecutor's office. While serving in the prosecutors' office, she worked on business aspects as she held the position of Director of Budget and Finance. Fudge has also worked as an auditor for the estate tax department and has occasionally served as a visiting judge and as a chief referee for arbitration. <Source>

The real problem with Marcia Fudge is that she is a politician, a democrat and someone who appears to be doing what is expected of her by a corrupt, self-serving political party that recognizes its constituents only during elections when they must buy votes. All of the other time appears to be spent seeking contributions from ideologues and special interests.

-- steve 

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