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Once again, I was struck by the politically correct musings of Black politicians as they celebrated the politically correct concepts of diversity and multi-culturalism. Claiming that America was an open tent that should be welcoming immigrants (although the talk was about illegal aliens) and being tolerant of their diverse viewpoints. Admirable concepts delivered in high-sounding rhetoric, but what the hell did it really mean?

As far as I can tell, it meant support our political agenda by donating money to our causes, voting to promote our legislation, agitate for reforms that we are proposing. And, above all, don’t do as we do, do as we say.

Being somewhat rational, something my friends and enemies may argue, I noticed that their was a logic flaw in their “diversity and multi-culturalism” argument. Simply put, the concept overlooks the overarching subject of sovereign allegiance. An allegiance to place your nation above the needs of the diverse multi-cultural individuals. Something bigger than the individuals wants and needs, and something that serves as the glue to bind society together so that disparate segments of society can co-exist in a relatively peaceful manner, respectful of the rights of others and the need to preserve tolerance and freedom.

Seeing as these were Black ministers, one might infer that they were speaking about the acceptance of their community in the broader context of American society. But to achieve that aim, one would, of necessity, demand that all community members have a shared allegiance to America and what it stands for, primarily the rule of law and the rules set down by the majority. Not that dissent is not healthy or welcome in such as society, because dissent is what drives reform and better conditions.

So, instead of claiming America is a racist nation and demanding special treatment in the form of affirmative action, enhanced race-based criminal penalties, reparations codified as social assistance and subsidies, perhaps they should be looking at the behaviors that separate their community from the rest of society. I am not speaking about being Black, but those actions which serve to divide and separate their community from the rest of America.

While there is nothing wrong with celebrating one’s culture, one might consider the damage that this celebration causes when it ranks higher than the cultural norms. How aberrations in demeanor, language, dress, personal adornment (tattoos, piercings) and behavior (no consequences for the promiscuity that portends poverty and lack of opportunity) that sets an individual apart from the majority and makes assimilation into society – and the sharing of society’s benefits – more difficult.

There is historical evidence, especially in the inner cities, that minority youth are more violent than their suburban counterparts and that walking in these areas wearing the wrong color clothes or failing to respond to flashed gang signs can bring about robbery, bodily injury or death. There is also historical evidence that cultural symbols and behavior also conditions employment – with public-facing companies preferring not to upset their customers or drive customers to their competitors by employing people who are perceived by the public as being “scary.”

Not to generalize, or in a sense profile an entire segment of the population, but there is something to be said about the exception making more of an impression than the rule. And, as any psychologist can tell you, people are more defined by their flawed behavior than they are by more benign characteristics.

Bottom line …

Perhaps, the general public should be wary of those among us who attempt to foment trouble by continually demonizing America and mainstream society as racist or intolerant; especially when this hatred is driven by self-interests including prestige, power and profits. You may ask yourself where would so-called community activists like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton be without a continuing race issue – something they seem to exacerbate at every opportunity for their own self-interests?

Without the hyphenated-American and those who use our diversity against us, corrupt and incompetent politicians would no longer be elected to office based on little more than their race or ethnicity. Perhaps, people would see that these politicians need to drive a wedge between their constituency and mainstream America; to promote a culture of victimhood which requires the election of these “special” politicians to redress. Even though these politicians are corrupt, incompetent and have not fundamentally changed attitudes or conditions for decades. Continually repressing their own constituents in the promotion of their own self-interests.

Never before have we seen such a polarized America – subdivided by race, ethnicity, religion, class, and sexual orientation. A division which promotes our mutually assured destruction by allowing corrupt and incompetent politicians to be elected by a very slim majority of votes – giving the minority power over the majority – and the winning politician the impetus to double down on the type of division that will insure our defeat at the hands of our enemies, both foreign and domestic.

It is not time to put America above race, religion, ethnicity, sex and all of the other diversity that makes us strong as a culture, but can divide us and allow us to be conquered by those who do not wish us well. It is time to call out those who are damaging America with their proclamation that America is an evil country and responsible for the planet’s ills. This is nothing more than race-baiting writ large. Truth-be-told, with all of our flaws, America has done more to advance mankind than any other modern nation. We are a generous people. We have brought freedom, health and extended life to oppressed people everywhere. We are not a perfect people, but we sure are not the monsters that are typified by Stalin, Lenin, Pol Pot, and those in China, North Korea, Cuba, and elsewhere.

It should be remembered that it is our Constitution that allows our enemies to attack us with our own laws – even though the Constitution is not a suicide pact. It is our Constitution that allows these race-baiters and haters to say what they want in public – and in protected speech on the floor of Congress.

Time to wake up people and see that there are certain elements in our political class that want to dominate America in perpetuity. And, they are damn close to accomplishing their nefarious task.

It is now time to think about freedom of opportunity, not a guaranteed outcome. It is not time to think about restructuring the non-productive or counter-productive elements of our societies (e.g. the unions) that are assuring our destruction. It is time to think about choosing representatives, not by race, ethnicity, gender or sex, but by competence and ability to manage and lead.

I can’t tell you how to vote – because I have yet to see someone who exerts any degree of competency and leadership. I can tell you to be wary of the provably corrupt Hillary Clinton and her numerous scandals. I can tell you to be wary of Rand Paul who is much like his father and only speaks “conservative.” I can tell you to be wary of wolves in sheep’s clothing who pretend they are for something before they are against something – the finger in the wind politicians who use polls to determine the popular opinion. And, I can warn you about the corruption of both political parties.

But a good start on your analysis might begin with a single question: Why are the politicians attempting to disarm law-abiding Americans and creating a larger pool of victims, when the real problem, curbing violent gangs, is not being addressed in a meaningful manner? The answer to this single question should go a long way to conditioning your thinking about political corruption and the necessity to pander to certain segments of our society.

I am open to any ideas you might have and am willing to debate any ideas I have shared.

-- steve

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