Before you celebrate the success of the stock market and the spin that the economy is recovering ...
Former Customs & Border Protection officer admits to receiving bribes to allow aliens to enter the U.S. illegally -- So why aren't the democrats similarly charged?

Malignant Government: A Clear and Present Danger to America and Our Way of Life

Here is a story, courtesy of Senator Ron Johnson, that highlights one man’s efforts to save his neighborhood from flooding – following the government’s own recommendations and with his own money. This man is an American patriot – and instead of being hailed as a hero, he is vilified and driven towards bankruptcy by a malignant government bureaucracy.

Bottom line …

Is there any wonder why some people hate the government and want to preserve the Second Amendment to fight governmental tyranny. Obviously, seeking redress from a malignant government is not as easy as petitioning that government or bring a case before a court of competent jurisdiction. Remember, Steve broke no real laws – only administrative rules and regulations promulgated for the benefits of the agency that created them and the political special interests they serve.

This is akin to claiming that the government owns the right to rain water that falls on your property or game that is born and raised on your property. Using the specious legal theory that trapping such rainwater or eating such game disadvantages your neighbor who should have equal rights to those resources.

Elect honest politicians to serve “We the People.”

-- steve

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