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Gun Control: The Sheer idiocy of Rahm Emanuel and his "Gun Offender Registry"

I cannot believe how stupid the people of Chicago are to continue to elect socialist democrats who will do or say anything to avoid telling Chicago residents the truth about the Kabuki Theatre that is gun control.

First, the real issue should be crime control – detecting and deterring crazies and criminals with illegal guns. Commonsense would tell you that the laws protect the mental health records of those who are receiving counseling and thus will never be available to any so-called “gun registry” or prohibition list. And, a review of prosecution practices among Chicago prosecutors would reveal that many of the serious gun charges are simply bargained away in return for a “sure thing” conviction that looks good in the crime statistics.

Second, an impartial and impassionate review of gun crimes would reveal that the majority of these crimes are committed in the inner cities by minority gangs and minorities who have been taught to defend their turf, honor and respect with all weapons available. Of course, the democrats fear pointing out the minority component to gun-related crime because they fear upsetting a major voting bloc and the wrath of race-baiting socialists like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Minister Louis Farrakahn, and Father Phleger. They are afraid to mention the word “profiling” although the majority of illegal weapons are likely to be in the hands of the minority gangs, career criminals and the minorities.

Third, Chicago already has some of the most restrictive gun legislation in the nation, but it is worthless as legislation does not deter crazies and criminals.

And, fourth, the point of this Kabuki Theatre, the gun registry, is bogus. The current gun registry has, according to published reports, 574 names. Expanding this program is costly, may be subject to costly legal challenge and represents a repressive system designed to fool the public into believing that their ineffective legislators are “doing something.” If one wants a gun registry, it already exists. It is called the criminal records and it would be a trivial programming task to mine these records to excerpt all gun-related events. If you want openness and transparency, let people have access to criminal records.

Bottom line …

Rahm Emanuel and his fellow travelers in the democrat party are trying to disarm law-abiding citizens to create a bigger victim pool calling for bigger government, more unionized law enforcement and more government control over our lives and freedoms. If you really want the truth, follow the money. The criminal justice system is a big business and the bureaucrats need crime to continue in order to pay their salaries.

-- steve

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