Rand Paul jumps the aisle to introduce drug legislation which reduces federal sentencing guidelines. Is this the winning strategy to capture the younger "druggy" voter and secure trial attorney campaign contributions?

For those who want to see where Windows 8 may be going: Windows Blue leaks online

Those of you who are considering upgrading your non-Apple, non-Linux hardware are likely to encounter a PC with the next generation of Windows 8 – known for now as Windows Blue. So you might wish to look at the leaked screenshots at a professional-level technology news site called “The Verge."

Windows Blue leaks online, includes smaller Live Tiles, new side-by-side Snap Views, and IE 11  Source: Windows Blue leaks online, includes smaller Live Tiles, new side-by-side Snap Views, and IE 11 | The Verge

Although I am satisfied with Windows 7 and Windows XP on my older machines, there will come a time when I, too, will be forced to upgrade my hardware. However, given my satisfaction with Windows 7 and Office 2010, there will have to be a pretty significant advantage before I will alter my workflow and spend the extra dollars. Since I am totally consumed with creative workflow and no longer design systems based on Microsoft’s platforms, there is the possibility that I will adopt Apple as a new vendor and proceed accordingly.

Whatever solution I adopt, I will not rely on the cloud for personal or professionally sensitive information. Continuing to maintain local and off-site backups to protect my work rather than rely on the disk drive in the sky.

-- steve

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