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Progressive socialists view labor unions as their control point over the means of production. The goal is to make unions stronger, richer and more politically potent. And, I am not in favor of socialism or unions who reward seniority over merit, the status quo over innovation, and work rules that demand multiple people perform the role of a single person.  I also find it especially egregious and dishonorable to attack a business using a religious holiday as a theme. All to insert parasitic, non-productive, blood-sucking socialist unions further into society where they can further their nefarious goals by purchasing political power in places like California – where a previous Golden State is turning into a third-world nation.

Frying Pan News / By Danny Feingold

5 New Reasons Not to Buy Matzah at Walmart

Before you succumb to those everyday low prices, here are some things you should know. If you’re like me, right now you may be scrambling to stock up on all of your Passover essentials. So what if I told you that you could get 12 boxes of matzah – more than enough to cover the eight days and nights of breadless revelry – for just over $40 bucks?

Ah, but there’s a catch: You’ll have to buy this miracle matzah pak at Walmart. Moral dilemma? You bet.

Last year we provided a short list of reasons you might want to think twice about a Walmart matzah binge. We wish we could report that Walmart had cleaned up its act since then, but alas, the world’s largest retailer has racked up a series of alleged corporate crimes and indiscretions that would make a pharaoh blush.

So before you succumb to those everyday low prices, here are five more reasons not to buy matzah at Walmart:

1)  Hunger Strike: Remember those passages in the haggadah about the bread of affliction? When workers stop eating to protest conditions, you know things are really bad. That’s what happened in Cambodia earlier this month, when workers who sew clothes sold at Walmart staged  a hunger strike because they weren’t being paid the extremely meager wages they were owed.

2)  Forced Labor: If this doesn’t hit close to home, you really need to brush up on your Passover narrative. Last summer Walmart suspended one of its  seafood suppliers after an investigation discovered that workers were being forced to work up to 24 hours consecutively and had been locked in the plant. The same team found workplace violations at a dozen other Walmart food suppliers. Many of the aggrieved employees were foreign workers – strangers in a strange land indeed.

3)  Fatal Factory Fire: Last November, in a tragedy eerily reminiscent of the Shirtwaist Triangle Factory Fire of 1911, 112 workers died in a blaze at an Indonesian factory that supplied clothes to Walmart. The New York Times discovered soon after that Walmart had played  a leading role in blocking efforts to address safety concerns at Bangladeshi factories.

4)  Quashing Freedom of Speech: As you prepare your Passover meditation on the meaning of freedom, keep in mind that among the most basic of liberties is the right to speak freely. This is not a right enjoyed by Walmart employees, which is why last December Walmart workers in 10 countries participated in a  global protest against the company’s use of intimidation and firings to silence disgruntled workers.

5)  Bribery Scandal: Last April, the New York Times broke the story that Walmart had allegedly covered up  a bribery scandal in Mexico. The corporation’s Mexican subsidiary reportedly gave tens of millions of dollars to government officials to grease the wheels for store development there, and Walmart’s head honchos back home in Bentonville turned a blind eye. What’s the connection to Passover? We’re not sure, but we know your bubbi would not approve.

Danny Feingold is communications director at LAANE and the editor-at-large of Frying Pan News. <Source: 5 New Reasons Not to Buy Matzah at Walmart | Alternet>

Bottom line …

The problem with socialists is that they believe that they are the enlightened ruling elite and should be given power over unexceptional population units (We the People) in order to save the planet Earth, impose population control to conserve natural resources and perform those tasks needed to insure a worker’s paradise. Unfortunately, socialism and communism have always failed and yet these ideologues continue to believe in the myth of socialism, central planning and the need for a temporary dictatorship.

Primarily, when the end has been defined, it appears the means, fair or foul, can always be justified. Like the pure propaganda attack on a productive American corporation that is one of the major employers and source of goods and services in America.

Here we have a corporation that is providing goods and services at the lowest possible price – consistent with earning a profit and insuring the corporation’s survival. But unions want to destroy that corporation by dictating terms based on collective bargaining. Unions that offer nothing but a temporary negotiated peace while their siphon off profits until the corporation is bankrupted.

We have seen what the labor unions have done to the steel industry, the garment industry, the automotive industry and Hostess – where union demanded separate trucks for delivering products made in the same plant to the same store. Where labor costs, namely health and pension funds destroyed the company. Think about General Motors – once the premier industrial company in America. Now, sadly, a union-run pension fund with a car company as a funding vehicle. Turning out electric vehicles which go 46 miles on a 20+ hour charge – and which nobody wants. But, it is all so politically correct and unionized.

The issue is not Matzoh … the issue is taking orders from international socialism. The kind that destroyed Greece and is now eating away at Spain. Taking orders from the socialist/communist fifth column that is destroying America from within.

What you are seeing is international socialism and their propaganda campaign. I say, tell these socialists and communists to bugger off and retire to a worker’s paradise in Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, China or Russia. Leave me and my matzoh alone on this High Holiday season.

-- steve

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