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Diane Feinstein Be Damned: The immediate case for assault-style weapons and large-capacity magazines

There is an omnipresent danger of large destructive quakes in California …


4.7 Quake Reported in Anza

It happened along the San Jacinto fault between the San Andreas and the Elsinore faults

An earthquake with a magnitude of 4.7 was reported in Anza, Calif. The quake was the first of several that popped up at the same time Monday on the U.S. Geological Survey website. It was originally reported as a 5.2 magnitude quake but was then downgraded. The epicenter for the 9:56 a.m. quake was 12 miles east of Anza and 16 miles southwest of Palm Desert. It happened along the San Jacinto fault between the San Andreas and the Elsinore faults.This is a fault famous for big earthquakes according to retired geology professor Pat Abbott, Ph.D. “There’s always that slight chance – slight chance now - that this could be the foreshock of something larger. Probably not. Usually this is just an event all by itself,” Abbot said. “It doesn’t hurt to keep it in mind, in the next 72 hours in particular," he said. "If a larger one is going to occur it would probably be during that three-day period.” <Source>

Based on historical actions, there exists a clear and present danger from minority gangs and inner city residents who have been known to exploit the chaos and confusion of a natural disaster – especially with power outages that shut down burglar alarm systems and hamper police communications – to loot stores and confront citizens. A situation that will be made infinitely worse should the authorities be unavailable for more than one week or during a severe interruption of the supply chain needed to sustain daily living.

The case for assault rifles and large capacity magazines is clear …

  1. Prior to restrictions, very few assault rifles an large capacity magazines were used in major crimes.
  2. Much of the gun-related violence that we see is caused by criminal activitiy, mostly in the inner cities where gangs and guns are everywhere.
  3. There is nothing magical about an assault-style weapon as it is a semi-automatic weapon that looks scary to legislators – the real assault weapons have fire selectors to allow the weapon to be used in a full automatic mode.
  4. High capacity magazines are needed by both the police and the average citizen because marksmanship is a thing of the past – with few citizens being able to shoot with pinpoint accuracy. As for the police, one need only review the innocent citizen that was the target of an unprovoked attack by the police with thirty or more shots being fired (and the two women survived). In the case of a confrontation by a gang of thugs, it is safer to have a larger capacity magazine.

Bottom line …

Disarming innocent, law-abiding citizens only creates a larger pool of potential victims. Law enforcement authorities openly admit that during a major disaster you are on your own during the first 72-hours – and perhaps longer. They also openly admit that you are on your own for at least ten minutes when you dial 911 – or in the case of an armed intruder “dial-a-prayer.”

There is a compelling reason why American citizens and legislators should honor the Second Amendment. First, because the right to self-defense is a God-given right. And second, because only it assures our freedom from tyranny.

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