Global Warming: Are Politicians, Institutions and Scientists Worried About Funding in Face of REAL Science Disclosures? Prepared to Perpetuate the BIG LIE or simply say they don’t know what is happening to a scientific certainty?

California Communists would have you believe that a small fish is more important than a man

As anyone who has ever seen the movie Chinatown knows, water is a critical resource in Southern California, essentially a desert reclaimed by sufficient water flowing from Central California and the High Sierras …

Nobody is declaring a state of drought in California, but ...

But with statewide snowpack at only 52% of the norm for this time of year — when it is usually at its peak — state and federal water managers are expecting below-normal runoff this spring and falling reservoir levels.

Water officials say protections for the imperiled delta smelt severely restricted delta pumping when the early winter storms were pouring water into the system. Had a controversial diversion system proposed by Gov. Jerry Brown's administration been in place, they say the big government water projects could have shipped a lot more water south to the San Joaquin Valley and Southern California.

"If we had that delta fix in place, we'd have moved another 800,000 acre-feet plus already," said Jeffrey Kightlinger, general manager of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. (One acre-foot is enough to supply two average families for a year.)

Metropolitan is a major backer — and future funder — of a proposed $14-billion tunnel system, which would carry supplies from the Sacramento River to existing pumps in the south delta. Proponents hope that changing the diversion point will improve the ecological health of the delta and loosen environmental restrictions on pumping. Opponents, who include delta farmers and commercial salmon fishermen, say the answer to the delta's problems is to take less water from it, not to construct two massive tunnels they fear will increase exports.

It is rare that the giant Westlands Water District and other irrigation districts on the west side of the San Joaquin Valley get full contract deliveries from the federal Central Valley Project. But this year's allocation of 20% is particularly low, eliciting protests that the west side's farm economy is being sacrificed for the delta smelt.

"The decrease in our water allocation once again demonstrates how broken the state's water system has become.... Our priorities are misaligned," Tom Birmingham, Westlands' general manager, said in a statement. He said fields will be left unplanted for lack of water.

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Bottom line …

Massive construction projects based on environmental restrictions are nothing more than politicians pandering to the environmentalists who want fewer people and less growth in California, and unions which will see their members massively benefit from the construction. It should also be noted that these construction projects never come in on time or on budget. A never-ending source of funding to the special interests.

Unfortunately, the communists and socialists who have infiltrated the environmental movement now are using our own laws against us. Hampering our economy and way of life with endless lawsuits based on nothing more than junk science.

When are we going to see honest political leadership in California. Leadership that concentrates on the here and now rather than some speculative future in the fictional people’s paradise? Demanding accountability from scientists who propose radical restrictions on our economy and lifestyle?

When are we going to curb the corruption in the democrat party that panders to the unions, the environmentalists and others as they pursue their socialist agenda?

And, when are we going to return this formerly Golden State to its former glory instead of being the socialist canary in a coal mine for the rest of America?

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