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In a Church with a rich history of political intrigue, it seems that lobbying for the position, while unseemly, is an accepted practice. So I guess we should not be surprised when Peter Cardinal Turkson, a 64-year-old high church official from Ghana, with an important job in the Roman Curia, appears to be lobbying for the position of Pope.

According to published reports, “The African prelate said he had reflected on the enormous personal burden of becoming the leader of the Catholic Church. "It would certainly mean a lot if I had to be a pope," he said. "If I was elected pope it would signal a lot of [personal] change. Very big change in a lot of regards. I have been an archbishop, which involved a certain amount of leadership and now having to do this on a world level, the dimensions expand almost infinitely.

"It is going to be a life-changing experience and I think that is what it has been for Benedict and those who have gone before us. The challenge will also be with the individual to want to make his mark, not trying to fit into anybody's shoes but finding his own shoes to wear."

Cardinal Turkson also said the Vatican needs to "restore and repair" an image that has been "badly compromised by recent scandals". More on the story can be found at: Pope resigns: Peter Turkson reveals vision for the Church and 'alternative lifestyles' - Telegraph

Bottom line …

There is little or no doubt in my mind that the Catholic Church is facing hard times from the scandals and large cash payouts associated with pedophiles as well as the declining church attendance in Europe and the United States.

Since Hispanics represent the largest growing segment of the Catholic faithful, perhaps the elevation of an Hispanic Cardinal to the position would be a good strategic move. Among the candidates (if that is the right term) are Brazil’s Archbishop Odilo Pedro Scherer, Honduras’ Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez, Mexico’s Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera, and Columbia’s Cardinal Ruben Salazar Gomez.

One can only wonder if Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod, David Plouffe and Barack Obama and the “Chicago crowd” are going to offer assistance in tipping the scales.

It appears that the Church still does not realize the impact and import of what has occurred as they apparently are welcoming Cardinal Roger Mahony, a high church official who appears to have obstructed justice and aided and abetted criminal child abuse by moving known pedophiles around the country to avoid detection and prosecution by law enforcement. A man who claims that his college education did not prepare him for handling the issue of child abuse in the Church. Why the Pope and the College of Cardinals would allow a man who clearly does not know good from evil and right from wrong to participate in the selection of the next Pope is beyond me.

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