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Rethinking and green-lighting F-16s for Egypt

After a careful review of the proposed transfer of F-16s to Egypt because they might be a potential liability for Israel in the near future, I have come to the conclusion that such a transfer may not represent an ominous existential threat to Israel.

Yes, you must acknowledge that the democratically elected Egyptian President, Mohammed Morsi appears to be an anti-Israel leader affiliated with the anti-Israel, anti-Jew Muslim Brotherhood. And, that Morsi’s ascendance to power may have been assisted by the Obama Administration and our State Department as part of their pro-Arab, anti-Israel proclivities.

But there appears to be a virtually unacknowledged elemental truth. The Islamicists cannot govern Egypt in an effective and efficient manner. Ruling a country by the multiple interpretations of the Quran by zealot Imams leads to little more than time- and resource-wasting chaos and confusion.

In reality, it appears that the Egyptian military is the power that keep Egypt running – caring for the infrastructure, fixing roads, and making goods and services for everyday life in Egypt. And, as a group, they are relatively apolitical; possibly to the point of ousting Morsi and his band of religious crazies in favor of their own candidate should the situation in Egypt continue to deteriorate.

What I do not understand is how someone like Morsi, who lived in Southern California and obtained his materials engineering doctorate degree from the University of Southern California can be such an intolerant religious whack job. That is, unless the Islamic militants are sending spies and others to be trained by the West for the purposes of waging Jihad against us and our way of life.

Bottom line …

As long as the F-16s remain under the control of the Egyptian military and the Egyptian military remains somewhat detached from Egypt’s crazy-making politics, everything will work out well – possible to the point of Egypt remaining at détente with Israel during the upcoming unpleasantness with Iran that is surely on the near-term horizon.

As for Obama and his fellow travelers interfering in the Middle East and Africa, I believe we have more to fear from those who appear to be anti-America in our government than we do with Egyptians with a few more F-16s.

And, I cannot help but wonder if this issue is merely another distraction to take our minds off the unconstitutionality and potentially illegal activities that seem to be surfacing in the Obama administration. Possibly, the reason why they go not want to tell the truth about the non-consulate and alleged potential heavy weapons arms transfers to our jihadist enemies through Turkey?

-- steve

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